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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 July 2016

* A New Map of the Brain Redraws the Boundaries of Neuroscience >>
* Amazon Patent Lets Drones Perch On Streetlight Recharging Stations >>
* Lockheed Martin’s Hydra Fusion builds 3D maps in real time from drone footage >>

* First atmospheric study of Earth-sized exoplanets reveals rocky worlds >>
* Cancer-fighting bacteria Engineers program E. coli to destroy tumor cells. >>
* IBM’s Watson AI just landed a new job: helping Macy’s shoppers >>

* 3-D weaving of genetically engineered stem cells is used to grow a living hip replacement >>
* Cost per visit model should be worth billions per year for Pokemon Go >>
* Self-Driving Tech On Parade in San Francisco >>

* Room-temperature qubit breakthrough for quantum computing >>
* Six Ways Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture >>
* Optimized Induction Stove Design at Miele >>

* You have one chance to watch this Mr. Robot VR experience tomorrow >>
* Pokemon Go is getting Chat application and a dedicated dating site >>
* NVIDIA Embraces SMI Eye Tracking For VR’s Next Big Leap >>

* Peering into atomically thin transistors with microwaves, scientists make a radical discovery: a one-dimensional transistor >>
* Researchers develop plastic flexible magnetic memory device >>
* Smart Sutures Integrate Microfluidics and Nanosensors >>

* The First Half Of 2016 Saw Some Really Disturbing Climate Trends >>
* Mysterious Moon Scars Could Rewrite Earth’s History >>
* Researchers Just Made a Breakthrough in Growing Crops During a Drought >>

* This New, Ultra-detailed Map Of The Brain Could Change Medicine >>
* Google Testing AI System To Cool Data Center Energy Bills >>
* Watch DesignSpace use VR to power up architectural and urban design >>

* Amazon explores using street lights as delivery drone perches >>
* DARPA’s AI-powered radio challenge is officially on >>
* Facebook Live Is The New Reality TV >>

* DeepMind’s first NHS health app faces more regulatory bumps >>
* Facebook pitches laser beams as the high-speed Internet of the future >>
* Human Brain Mapped in Unprecedented Detail >>

* Miniature Space Telescope Could Boost the Hunt for “Earth Proxima” [Video] >>
* Facebook Messenger tops 1 billion users >>
* The Comic-Con TV Shows We’re Most Excited About >>

* Vast asteroid created ‘Man in Moon’s eye’ crater >>
* This mind-blowing brain map accomplishes something that scientists have been working on for 100 years >>
* Here are the 4 biggest roadblocks to a ‘new era of medicine’ >>

* VR Helps Treat Poor Vision >>
* How Can a Young Software Developer Learn Hardware Design? >>
* The 3D Printed Medical Devices Market is Expected to Show Steady Gains Through 2026 >>

* Habitable? Earth-Sized Alien Planets’ Atmospheres Studied By Hubble | Video >>
* Enormous X-Shaped Structure Detected at Center of Our Milky Way Galaxy >>
* NASA Seeking Ideas for Use of Space Station Docking Port >>

* Electrochemical Cell Makes Electricity and Chemicals From CO2 >>
* Biometrics Researcher Asks: Is That Eyeball Dead or Alive? >>

* Apollo 11 Moon Documentary Launches on Decades Network Today >>
* Parachutes, Sky Cranes and More: 5 Ways to Land On Mars >>
* Comic-Con 2016 schedule: all the best panels to watch for >>

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