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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 July 2016

* Humanity Chip Wants To Send Your Time Capsule Into Space >>
* Smart Stitches Send Data As They Heal Wounds >>
* Watch A German Robot Grill Sausages To Perfection >>

* SpaceX Will Attempt to Land Three Rockets at Once >>
* Medical Harpoon Reduces Need for Open-Heart Surgery >>
* Experience A Virtual Trip To Mars In A School BUS >>
* This New Method Could ​tell The Difference Between Fake Nukes And Real Ones >>

* Atom-scale storage holds 62TB in a square inch >>
* What ‘Pokémon GO’ Is Like At Level 30 >>
* The Kafon Drone clears minefields 20 times faster than people >>

* Airbus uses drones to speed up aircraft inspections >>
* People May Sense Single Photons >>
* Think self-driving cars could mean an end to traffic jams? Think again… >>

* Smart thread will enable a new generation of implantable and wearable diagnostics >>
* Magic Leap Hiring Software Engineers for New Development Lab on Lucasfilm’s San Francisco Campus >>
* Wheeled Robot With Soft Rotary Motors Is 100% Squishy >>

* This High-Tech Breathalyzer Will Make It Impossible For You to Cheat On Your Rehab >>
* Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald’s Begins Tomorrow in Japan: Report >>
* This 3D Printed Robot Moves Using Muscle From a Sea Slug >>

* Withings’ incredibly sophisticated thermometer is now available >>
* Zika virus will burn itself out within 3 years thanks to herd immunity >>
* Service Protect will automatically detect when your flight is delayed and request compensation >>

* Spacex will land three first stage boosters of Falcon Heavy and Elon indicates the Heavy’s upper stages have enough power for return as well >>
* Sun ‘Spins’ As Spacecraft Rolls 360 Degrees | Video >>
* Undetected Alien Civilizations –“May Be Cloaking Their Existence Using Laser Technology” >>

* White House offers $400 million in research for next-gen wireless >>
* A brief moment of VR brilliance with Trials of Tatooine for HTC Vive >>
* The NYC Subway’s Getting a Much-Needed Facelift >>

* Zenreach raises $30 million; Peter Thiel joins board >>
* Seagate’s 10TB Barracuda Pro is the world’s largest consumer hard drive >>
* Quantum computers show potential to revolutionize chemistry >>

* How AT&T wants to use AI as a crystal ball >>
* Is Machine Learning Overhyped? >>
* First Half of 2016 Blows Away Temperature Records >>

* Could 3D printing trigger World War 3? >>
* Google Fiber no longer a moonshot — it’s a ‘real business’ >>

* The drones that fly using MIND CONTROL >>
* The Honest Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Shows Why It Was Never Going to Make Fans Happy >>
* Discovery of ‘sensitive DNA’ may help treat mental illness >>

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