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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 July 2016

* Zendesk’s “Automatic Answers” taps machine learning, AI to generate bot-style email responses >>
* Oh how we wish this Pokédrone was real >>
* New York: Researchers reveal smart tags could monitor where estimated 32 million rodents really are >>

* Visualizing the Global Network of Languages >>
* She Has His Eyes–Does Gender Matter in Cornea Transplants? >>
* Is artificial lighting making us sick? Not getting enough hours of darkness can trigger inflammation and muscle loss >>

* Does farming have multiple roots? DNA reveals several communities began growing crops 10,000 years ago before spreading >>
* Nvidia unveils its first ever game and it’s in VR >>

* Dell’s Next Wave Desktop Patent Covers a 3D Depth Camera & Projector >>
* SpaceX to Launch Vital New Spaceship Docking Port for Space Station >>
* Pluto Landing Dreams – New Horizons’ Team Releases New Zoom-In Video >>

* Viewing a Protoplanetary Snowline >>
* Sirens of Titan: Flying Aerobot Drone Could Soar Over Saturn Moon >>
* Massive Florida Algae Bloom Can Be Seen from Space >>

* Tiangong-1: China’s First Space Station >>
* What Would It Be Like to Play ‘Pokémon Go’ in Space? >>
* New Dwarf Planet Discovered Beyond Neptune >>

* China on track to 12 operational J-20 stealth fighters in 2017 for airpower edge over other countries in Asia >>
* Taiwan Semiconductor will fully implement extreme ultraviolet lithography to make 5 nanometer chips and Samsung plans EUV at 7 nanometers >>

* Spacex will launch fully automated docking ring to space station >>
* We Haven’t Turned the Corner on AIDS >>
* Vaccine that targets second Alzheimers protein reverse the disease once it has developed, human trials in two to three years >>

* Simulating Electronics for Extreme Environments >>
* Allen Brain Observatory launched >>
* Russia developing hypersonic strategic bomber spaceplane and plans functioning prototype for 2020 >>

* Artificial Intelligence for Health & Life Sciences Conference >>
* DARPA Challenge Tests AI as Cybersecurity Defenders >>
* A New Tool on the ISS Could Help Us Find Alien Life >>

* This Nuclear-powered Supersonic Airliner Concept Is A Beautiful Dream >>
* Engineered Bacteria Can Manufacture Nano-electronics >>
* Watching Your Live Streams For Violence And Porn Is Now A Job For AI >>

* Watch Super-powerful Electromagnets Shrink Quarters >>
* Nasa Helping Firefighters Build Better Shelters >>
* Soccer Darts Looks Even Harder to Play When You’re Drunk >>

* Mcdonald’s May Be First Pokémon Go Partner >>
* The Service Pokéconomy Is Here >>
* Facial expressions of intense joy and pain are indistinguishable >>

* The Dizzying View Inside Nasa’s Vehicle Assembly Building >>
* Tesla’s Autopilot Driving Mode Is a Legal Nightmare >>
* Ford shows how humans and robots work hand-in-hand on its assembly line >>

* Facebook’s Instant Articles are now on Messenger >>
* 4 ultimate gadgets for a connected pregnancy >>
* FCC OKs Sweeping Spectrum Frontiers Rules To Open Up Nearly 11 GHz Of Spectrum >>

* Ventusky Offers Real-Time Weather Conditions on a Beautiful, Interactive Live Map >>
* Study opens new realms of light-matter interaction >>
* Why The SD-WAN Is The Latest Hot Commodity In Business Tech >>

* This App Sends Weather And Soil Data For Any Spot On Earth To Farmers’ Phones >>
* Swift Playgrounds aims to teach kids code in a highly engaging way >>

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