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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 July 2016

* A new dinosaur gave researchers an important clue about how the T Rex got small arms >>
* The hi-tech tattoo that can track your emotions >>
* Misery of roadworks; Jaguar to trial self-driving cars with new ‘cone-buster’ system >>

* The ‘alien tricorder’ set to be blasted into space: Kate Rubins to test pocket sized DNA sequencer that could one day analyse alien life >>
* Google buys a startup to improve Spaces >>
* Google’s AI is learning how to save your life >>
* Samsung will unveil its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7 in August >>

* Google helps you find deals on flights and hotels >>
* Magic Leap says it will debut its product . . . “hopefully soonish” >>
* This company uses AI to accelerate drug discovery >>

* Make Way For Uber-trucking With Smart Trucking Apps >>
* The ‘world’s smallest 4K camera’ has big ambitions >>
* Science Has a Huge Diversity Problem … in Lab Mice >>

* Schneider Electric’s Wiser Air thermostat gets…wiser >>
* Right Now, Artificial Intelligence Is The Only Thing That Matters: Look Around You >>
* Scientists May Have Discovered What Causes Migraines and a Path toward a Cure >>

* 11 jobs that you wouldn’t think pay $100k >>
* Dell’s Next Wave Desktop Patent Covers a 3D Depth Camera & Projector >>

* The Canadian Army is testing out bionic knee braces >>
* Psychologists still don’t know how the brain deals with blinks >>
* Apple’s First TV Show Is Called ‘Planet of the Apps’ >>

* A Brilliant Leaning Mechanism Lets This Lego Wheel Corner Like a Motorcycle >>
* 10 Predictions About the Future That Should Scare the Hell Out of You >>
* Plastic Packaging Gets A Million-fold Upgrade >>

* Mit’s Robot Assistant Gives Nurses A Second Opinion >>
* Feds Allow Experimental Cancer Trial to Resume Despite Recent Deaths >>
* Bacterial Wind Turbines Could Power The Nanobots Of The Future >>

* Daisy Ridley Announces Wrap Of ‘star Wars Episode Viii’ >>
* Super-ripped Robot Mimics Human Muscle >>
* India Plants Nearly 50 Million Trees In Record-breaking Effort >>

* Astronomers Just Spotted a Water Snow Line Around a Star for the First Time >>
* Here’s Why The Cdc Thinks Olympic Zika Risk Is Low >>
* Court decides against China in Sea dispute but who will enforce the decision ? >>

* Magnetic Field Makes a Better Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicles >>
* Russia’s railgun program still testing fundamental science >>
* Manipulating superconducting plasma waves with terahertz light >>

* Are Robots Still Just “Tools” When They Are Used to Kill? >>
* Electronic “tattoo” muscles in on emotion mapping >>

* Nissan Offers Self-Driving Feature Like Tesla’s Autopilot >>
* The Milky Way and a Green Comet Amaze Amateur Astronomer (Photo) >>
* Juno Spacecraft Captures 1st Photo from Jupiter Orbit >>

* No Big Bang –“Our Universe Was Formed From an Older Collapsing Universe” >>
* Esa Prepares Revolutionary Air Breathing Rocket Engine >>
* In Cosmic First, Scientists Spy a Star’s Snow Line >>

* Moon Express Takes Over Delta 2 Rocket Launch Site in Cape Canaveral >>
* Magic Leap Wants the Entire World to Be Your Computer Display >>
* How technology disrupted the truth >>

* Tackling Space Junk – Europe Targets 2023 For 1st Removal Mission | Video >>
* Where can augmented reality take us? >>

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