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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 July 2016

* Meet the first artificial animal >>
* Silicon Valley Startup Arable Takes the Internet of Things Into the Wild >>
* DURUS Brings Human-Like Gait (and Fancy Shoes) to Hyper-Efficient Robots >>

* Distributed deep learning on Spark >>
* With ‘Pokémon Go,’ augmented reality is having its moment >>
* WorldFuture 2016 >>

* The FBI has collected 430,000 iris scans in a so-called ‘pilot program’ >>
* Game of Genomes >>
* Google’s Project Fi subscribers get high-speed wireless data traveling internationally >>

* Photobomb! Satellite Catches Moon Crossing Earth’s Face (Video) >>
* Microsoft Hololens, Google and Apple are also big winners with Pokemon Go Augmented reality game >>
* Detecting Cybersecurity Threats by Taking the Grid’s Pulse >>

* Will AI Companies Make Any Money? >>
* Tesla correcting car software with remote patches versus carmaker delayed recall process >>
* Reaction Engines has established US subsidiary for engagement with US government >>

* Marc Andreessen: Now, Software Is Programming The World >>
* Honda unveils first hybrid motor without heavy rare earth metals >>
* How Technology Is Disrupting The Construction Industry >>

* Robo-Furniture From MIT Makes The Most of Tiny Apartments >>
* RoboBoat contest puts autonomous boats to the test >>
* How A.I. Is About To Disrupt Corporate Recruiting >>

* The Segway MiniPRO balances fun with utility >>
* How Artificial Sweeteners May Mess With Your Brain >>

* Giveaway: Enter to win a pair of tickets to Disrupt SF 2016 >>
* Why We Must Continue to Turn the Camera on Police >>
* New Dwarf Planet Beyond Neptune >>

* How Square Watermelons Get Their Shape, and Other G.M.O. Misconceptions >>
* Hanging out with Anki’s Cozmo, the toy robot putting AI at our fingertips >>
* Triple Star System Planet Is Directly Imaged – That’s Rare! | Video >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Aubrey talking about bringing aging under medical control >>
* Longevity talk by David Sinclair >>

* Donna Rose Addis: Employing brain scans for lie detection just fuzzy logic >>
* Announcing TechCrunch’s AI and VR/AR Pavilions at Disrupt SF — Apply-free exhibit space >>
* Huawei wants in on Australia smart cities >>

* Skype for Business will live translate meetings into 40 languages >>
* What alien life will REALLY look like: Researchers claim ‘confident’ of finding complex, animal-like creatures >>

* Watch this humanoid robot walk in sneakers >>
* Britain shoots for the moon: Old radio dish could guide lunar missions >>
* Drinking water with meal DOES fill you up: Scans reveal exactly how stomach expands and brain reacts to make you feel full >>

* Your mother was right: You will catch your death of cold if you don’t put on a coat outside >>
* Researchers restore vision to blind mice in groundbreaking glaucoma experiment >>

* Locusts engineered as biorobotic sensing machines >>
* This Mind-Bending City Skyline Would Be Fun to Live In >>
* Security Robot Pwns Toddler at Stanford Mall: Report >>

* Moon Express will test out its lunar lander at historic Florida launch sites >>
* Oculus Connect 3 Developer Conference Coming To San Jose In October >>

* Pokémon Go beating Facebook, Tinder and Snapchat >>
* While you track Pokémon, Pokémon Go tracks you >>
* Pokémon Go Is Affecting People’s Lives in Very Strange Ways >>
* Pokeman Go is making people take leave of their senses >>
* Holocaust Museum would like for Pokémon Go trainers to back off >>

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