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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 July 2016

* Scientists dream up a power station staffed by bacteria >>
* IoT puts assembly language back on the charts >>
* The Freaky Artificial Muscles on this Human Skeleton Are the Future of Robotics >>

* A Deep Learning Network That Channels Clint Eastwood To Protect Your Lawn From Cat Poop >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Up the Internet for a Huge Clash With Europe >>
* Innovate2016: Libertarian Presidential candidate says “We need to Uber everything” >>

* Google revealed ‘Pokemon Go’ 2 years ago, and we thought it was a joke >>
* Pokémon Go raises Nintendo’s value by £6bn in two days >>
* Pokémon Go shows that Nintendo’s franchises are way bigger than its hardware >>
* Pokémon Go is reportedly launching in Europe and Asia ‘within a few days’ >>
* Pokemon Go is so Addicting I Was Late for Work – And I Don’t Even Like Pokemon >>
* Pokemon Go is Already Bigger Than Tinder >>
* Why Microsoft Needs To Copy ‘Pokémon GO’ And Release ‘Minecraft AR’ On Mobile ASAP >>

* Segway creator’s advanced prosthetic arm arrives in late 2016 >>
* Robots Replacing Developers? This Startup Uses Artificial Intelligence To Build Smart Software >>
* The Truth About Tesla’s Autopilot Is We Don’t Yet Know How Safe It Is >>

* Clothes will let you go cable-free: Fabric can send data and power to your devices without the clutter of electronic wires >>
* This $50 Fitness Tracker Can Also Improve Your Posture >>
* Caught short ? Researchers reveals ‘urine battery’ that could power handsets for three hours with a single bathroom break >>

* World’s longest maths proof: Solution to a 30-year-old problem would take 10 BILLION years to read – all for a prize of just $100 >>
* Regrown Brain Cells Give Blind Mice a New View >>
* A Cavity-Fighting Liquid Lets Kids Avoid Dentists’ Drills >>

* Setbacks force HIV researchers to focus on remission, not cures >>
* Earth’s clouds are shifting towards its poles: Climate scientists warn storms are moving north and south while deserts widen >>
* Does Soap Really Kill 99.9% of Germs? >>

* Software Is Eating The Network, Through SDNO >>
* Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work >>
* The End of Banking: Money, Credit, and the Digital Revolution >>

* Molecular flip in crystals driven by light creates microrobotic propulsion >>
* The Ninth Annual Conference on Artificial General Intelligence: AGI-16 >>
* Neurons grown from stem cells in a dish reveal clues about autism >>

* nEUROn unmanned combat air vehicle first stealth drone flown in public >>
* Should the Police Have Robot Suicide-Bombers? >>
* A status report on our digital freedom >>

* Breakthrough in the formation of beam size controllable X-ray nanobeams >>
* Astronomers just discovered a Morse code message in the dunes of Mars >>
* Airbus and Boeing could sell $33 billion worth of planes today >>

* A Planet With A 27,000 Year Orbit & That’s Just Where The Strangeness Begins >>
* Earth is Losing Its Atmosphere! –“Weakness Found in Our Magnetic Field” >>
* Radar and signal processing versus Stealth Planes >>

* Micron sized onchip quantum dot lasers will enable faster communication and computing >>
* For Best Results, Send Molecular Messages Using MIMO >>
* Atomically Thin Circuits Made From Graphene and Molybdenite >>

* Tesla Autopilot Crash: Why We Should Worry About a Single Death >>
* The Quantum Origin of Time >>
* Amazing 3D Printer Makes Artificial Bones With Graphene And Stem Cells >>

* Aurorae on Jupiter >>
* Best Grandpa Ever Built a Private Miniature Disneyland in His Backyard >>
* Watching Wingsuiters Base Jump Off This Steep Mountain Will Make You Terrified of Heights >>

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