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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 July 2016

* Internet Of Things On Pace To Replace Mobile Phones As Most Connected Device In 2018 >>
* 20 times more sensitivity gravity sensor will transform oil discoveries >>
* Scientists Find First Instance of Water Clouds Outside Our Solar System >>

* VR system lets you eat without a single calorie passing your lips: Headset lets the wearer smell, taste and even chew any food virtually >>
* Plane-train hybrid could revolutionize transportation >>
* Next Year, Biologists Will Be Able To Track Animals In Real Time Using The Iss >>

* Using robots to kill: Ethics debated after Dallas >>
* Scientists find the first water clouds beyond the Solar System >>
* Virgin Galactic poised to start its new spaceship’s test flights >>

* Robotic carryon suitcase can be ridden like a mini-segway >>
* Microsoft Sets DNA Data-Storage Record: 200 Megabytes >>
* Use a GPU to Turn a PC Into a Supercomputer >>

* Neural Networks for Artists >>
* Juno Halts Cancer Trial Using Gene-Altered Cells After 3 Deaths >>
* Why we feel emotions in our guts, and what microbes have to do with it >>

* New tech could have helped police locate shooters in Dallas >>
* Police Used Bomb Disposal Robot To Kill A Dallas Shooting Suspect >>
* Facebook Tests End-to-End Encryption In Messenger >>

* Google buys a backbone for pay TV services >>
* ‘Fruit Ninja VR’ is now available for the HTC Vive >>
* “Hyper-Reality” experiences >>

* Samsung’s new 256GB microSD card is so fast no devices support it yet >>
* Breakthrough could mean your phone will never run out of space again: Microsoft sets DNA strand storage record >>
* Google bolsters Chrome’s defenses against quantum computing attacks >>

* Artificial intelligence course creates AI teaching assistant >>
* Voice-controlled nutrition tracker may aid weight loss >>
* Worst case scenario – 2035 and no basic income. >>

* How VR Gaming will Wake Us Up to our Fake Worlds >>
* Robots come to each other’s aid when they get the signal >>
* RedEye could let your phone see 24-7 >>

* Eye-tracking system uses ordinary cellphone camera >>
* How to Rebuild a Face With Jawbone Grown in the Lab >>
* This Printer Will Fit In Your Briefcase Or Handbag >>

* ‘Pokémon GO’ Outside And Play! >>
* Pokemon Go Leads to Reckless Driving, Injuries, and A Corpse >>
* Supercomputers can accelerate machine learning progress and enable a world with intelligence embedded everywhere >>

* Eyefluence shows us how we’ll be able to navigate screens with our eyes >>
* MIT develops mobile sensor that could save your life >>

* Relay Creates Custom Maps for Your Vacation >>
* China completes 500 meter radio telescope which is 2.5 time the area of the Arecibo scope >>
* What is in store for us : Ai and the future >>

* Airvinci Personal ducted fan helicopter and drones could enable the flying car future >>
* Antibiotic resistance discovered in the guts of ancient mummies >>
* Exclusive: Why Microsoft is betting its future on AI >>

* Why We Need to Pick Up Alvin Toffler’s Torch >>
* First Water Clouds Reported outside the Solar System >>
* Scientists are on the verge of creating an EMOTIONAL computer >>

* ‘Robo’ adviser predicted 2016 stock market turmoil >>
* The McLaren 675LT is the high-tech supercar for worshippers of raw speed >>
* Lucille Ball is the reason we have ‘Star Trek’ — here’s what happened >>

* Man turns his living room into a giant £40,000 walk-in computer – so that he can play TETRIS >>
* Using networked computer combat simulations to test new weapons like GPS guided mortars >>
* China’s Largest Space Launch Vehicle, The Long March 7 Flies >>

* The Strangest Places Pokémon Go Is Sending its Players >>
* Solar road technology comes to Route 66 >>

* Apollo 11’s Source Code Is A Surprisingly Hilarious Artifact Now Online >>
* Nbc Universal Scores Patent To Detect And Target Pirates >>
* Are smart clothes the future of wearables? >>

* Secret Life of Pets Fetches $103 Million in Opening Days >>
* Spinning 3D-printed zoetrope creates dancing ballerina illusion >>
* Why VR Will Revolutionize Education >>

* Big Bang may have actually been a Big Bounce >>
* Scientists simulate tiny bacteria-powered ‘windfarm’ to power micromachines >>
* Scientists develop brain-inspired memory material >>

* Student Designers 3D Print Car for Shell Eco-Marathon Challenge >>
* 3D Printed Smart Eyeglasses May Be Able to Count Your Calories for You >>
* The Internet Is Still Brand New. Maybe That’s Why We’re All Fighting >>

* Emotion detector: Facial expression recognition to improve learning, gaming >>
* Touching a robot can elicit physiological arousal in humans >>
* Algorithm for robot teams handles moving obstacles >>

* Daring photographer captures images of lava lake that’s been flowing for 100 YEARS >>
* Big Data versus Cancer >>
* Military Plane Nearly Crashes Into Sea After Aircraft Carrier Landing Cable Snaps >>

* Major telecoms promise 5G networks if EU cripples net neutrality >>
* LA looks incredible in this beautiful 12k resolution time lapse >>
* ‘SoundStage’ Turns Your Vive into a VR Music Studio Tool for Serious Musicians >>

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