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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 July 2016

* Google starts experimenting with quantum-secure connections in Chrome >>
* Pokemon GO Hits #1 In App Store >>
* How Hardware-as-a-Service will save IoT >>

* Cool Your Jets: Cold Eruption from Black Hole is First of Its Kind >>
* A Bio-hybrid Stingray Robot Powered By Rat Muscle >>
* NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 promises VR-ready performance at $249 >>

* Brown Dwarf 23 light years away with Radio Emission >>
* In Future Wars, We’ll Have To Fool Robots >>
* Robots Will Start Delivering You Food This Month >>

* Open AI Ecosystem Portends a Personal Assistant for Everyone >>
* Researchers developing cyborg locusts for bomb detection >>
* DARPA guided bullet program and the commercial Trackpoint precision firearms >>

* World’s fastest camera captures neurons in action: Device that takes 100 billion frames per second could reveal how brains work >>
* Tech Five: AVG shares surge off Avast acquisition >>

* 3D printed Silk Micro-rockets are a major breakthrough in drug delivery >>
* This Planet With Three Suns Shouldn’t Even Exist >>
* Battery powered wearable force multiplying robotic glove is a major step towards soft exoskeletons >>

* A Monster category 5 Typhoon Is About to Slam Into Taiwan >>
* Dating app Bumble is putting networking ahead of romance >>
* Researchers stored an OK Go music video on strands of DNA >>

* Light-powered microbots could deliver drugs directly to our bloodstream >>
* First animals to set foot on land used TAILS to ‘walk’: Robot recreates strange waddle of mudskipper fish 360 million years ago >>
* Snapchat takes aim at Instagram with new ‘Memories’ feature that shows you your old snaps >>

* Google Now’s weather card adds hourly wind and precipitation details >>
* Why The Human Race Will Never, Ever Reach The Stars >>
* MIT announces Solve program activities >>

* World’s Largest Storage Battery Will Power Los Angeles >>
* Is your feline feeling fine? Researchers reveal the signs that show cats will have a long life >>

* Microsoft begins finalizing Anniversary Update code with Windows 10 Build 14383 >>
* Nettie Stevens, Discoverer Of Sex Chromosomes, Honored By Google >>
* These Windows 10 Apps Are Actually Worth Installing >>

* Top universities to offer full degrees online in five years >>
* Compound 2-D Material Leads to a Practical Electronic Device >>
* The Altiplano Night >>

* How the Average American Gets Their News >>
* Why The Internet Of Things Shouldn’t Just Be About “Things” >>
* Machines Are Taking All The Jobs? What Decision-Makers Say And Do >>

* Amid growing competition Verizon revamps data plans >>
* The hit Pokémon game everyone is talking about could never have happened without Google >>
* This exclusive report reveals the ABCs of the IoT >>

* Scientists have found a way to repel great white sharks >>
* Most expensive house ever listed in China described as ‘Utopia’ >>
* Exclusive: Why Microsoft is betting its future on AI >>

* Bearcam is back and better than ever >>
* Hands-On: ‘Envelop VR’ And How It Differs From ‘Virtual Desktop’ and ‘BigScreen’ >>
* Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Is Investing Big In Virtual Reality >>

* ‘Pokemon GO’ Releases With Over 50,000 Downloads In Its First 24 Hours >>
* The Addicted Generation >>

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