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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 July 2016

* Second Life’s creators try for a third — in virtual reality >>
* The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Is Being Built in New Jersey >>
* The Intelligence of Things: Streaming analytics comes to IoT >>

* Google Software Will Learn To Recognize Objects In The Real World >>
* This Algorithm Can Predict Relationship Trouble >>
* Algorithm that can spot if you’re lying: Researchers say software can spot untruths 70% of the time >>

* Google Now on Tap translates languages in any app >>
* Google Fit Update Brings Weekly Goals and Better Visuals >>
* Google Now on Tap extends its reach to barcodes, translation, and QR codes >>

* Now Scientists Are Teaching a Robot to Hunt Prey >>
* Verizon, KT, Telefonica: On three continents, operators prepare for 5G >>
* Uber Parking Lot Patrolled By Security Robot >>

* Hyperloop One ‘proves’ it’s cheaper than high-speed rail >>
* Facebook Lays Out Blueprint For Connecting Hard-To-Reach Rural Areas >>
* NASA’s ‘power’ glove will help workers get a better grip >>

* This Is the Last Thing Japan’s Lost Black Hole Satellite Saw Before It Died >>
* CERN Physicists Have Discovered a Batch of New Exotic Particles >>
* Octopus Eyes Are Crazier Than We Imagined >>

* In next year, two, three, four, five there will be significant breakthroughs for certain types of cancers >>
* Electric Motorcycle Races for the Finish at Pikes Peak International >>
* Hacking an ink jet Desktop Printer to Make Batteries, supercapacitors and Circuits >>

* BAE Systems reveals vision of unmanned hypersonic bombers that are grown in chemical vats >>
* Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain >>
* Tesla Autopilot Crash Exposes Industry Divide >>

* Supercapacitors Reach Into EV and IoT Applications >>
* SENS Crowdfunding treatment that would stop all cancers from cellular immortality and preventing abnormal cell growth >>
* Massive Explosions Observed at Jupiter’s Earth-Sized Polar Aurora >>

* Mars Rover Curiosity in ‘Safe Mode’ After Glitch >>
* “The Alpha Centauri Mission” — World’s Science and Internet Elite ‘Take Control’ of Search for Life in Cosmos >>
* Operations Throughout the Solar System >>

* How Long Can You Make Eye Contact Before Shit Gets Weird? >>
* Google Is Using A.I. To Spot Eye Disease Early >>

* Snapchat introduces Memories: a searchable, shareable archive of your snaps >>
* Google’s Self-Driving Cars Can Recognize Cyclist Hand Signals >>

* The Jet Fighter Of The 2040s Will Be A Stealthy Drone Herder >>
* How Star Trek Is Attempting to Rule Comic-Con 2016 >>
* Facebook will test video downloads for offline viewing >>

* LG is getting into connected cars with Volkswagen >>
* Deep learning wins the day in Amazon’s warehouse robot challenge >>
* Life could have started on VENUS: Researchers reveal ‘tiny changes’ could have turned it into a lush green planet and left Earth dead >>

* Juno’s Waves Instrument Will Map Jupiter’s Magnetic Field >>
* CubeSats Set for Deep Space—If They Can Hitch a Ride >>
* Could a Molecular “On/Off Agony” Switch Make Painkillers Safer? >>

* Could dark energy find a hidden world in our solar system? ‘Planet Nine’ may be uncovered by the end of SUMMER >>
* Pill organisers causing dangerous overdoses in elderly >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 July 2016

* How to bring the entire web to VR >>
* Google DeepMind will detect eye diseases with AI >>
* Meet The AI Team Powering Facebook’s Language Tech Efforts >>

* This Trash-Collecting Spacecraft Will Pit Giant Nets Against a Space Harpoon >>
* Home health AI ‘Pillo’ is designed to be your family’s personal pharmacy >>
* Light-Speed Camera Captures Split-Second Action >>

* Juno probe: Nasa celebrates as £830m spacecraft successfully enters Jupiter’s orbit >>
* Jupiter Moons’ Orbital Dance – Humans Have Never Seen This! | Video >>
* Your Smart Watch Can Steal Your ATM PIN >>

* Satellite Tracks Carbon Polluters From Space >>
* Hyperloop Connecting Helsinki and Stockholm Turns 300-Mile Trip Into 28 Minute Ride >>
* Netflix Will Soon Stream CW Shows Mere Days After The Finale >>

* Skype Meetings Is Microsoft’s New Free Video Conferencing Tool For Small Businesses >>
* Netflix will stream CW shows a week after their season finale >>

* Is the LHC finally set to reveal the secrets of the universe? >>
* We’re All Biased, but That Doesn’t Keep Us from Making Valid Decisions >>
* The life-like robotic BOTTOM that could help doctors learn how to feel prostate cancer >>

* Huawei confirms that smartphone cameras still aren’t DSLRs >>
* Is this real life ‘Inception’? Scientists use unnerving trick to plant false experiences into people’s brains >>
* 20 Years after Dolly the Sheep Led the Way—Where Is Cloning Now? >>

* Hacking a Desktop Printer to Make Batteries and Circuits >>
* China finished the world’s largest single-aperture telescope >>
* MIT’s Swarm Chip Architecture Boosts Multi-Core CPUs, Offering Up To 18x Faster Processing >>

* Wi-Fi sharing community Instabridge picks up backing from Draper Associates >>
* How to spot alien life: New equation could help astronomers pinpoint planets that are home to extraterrestrials >>
* Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera review: a simple security solution for the home >>

* The app that knows if you’re LYING: System measures blood flow in faces to alert you if someone isn’t telling the truth >>
* Opinion: Brexit is a tragedy, but it could be the making of UK Fintech >>
* Smart Dust Is Coming: New Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt >>

* AP Sports is using “robot” reporters to cover Minor League Baseball >>
* Samsung Invents a Hingeless Dual Display Smartphone >>
* Unknown Force Pulling Our Milky Way Galaxy Towards It With the Force of a Million Billion Suns >>

* Real-Life Holodeck? ‘Star Trek’ Tech Uses VR to Solve Global Problems >>
* New Augmented Reality Helmet will let pilots see through fog, clouds and other obstructions >>
* First ML866 Aeroscraft should fly in 2017 and a fleet larger hybrid airships able to lift 250 tons each should follow by 2023 >>

* Programmable RNA vaccines are 100% effective in mice against Ebola and Flu made in seven days >>
* British space junk mission to test nets, sails and HARPOONS to catch dangerous orbital debris >>
* Scientist Wants to Engineer Locusts Into Remote-Controlled Bomb Detectors >>

* Google’s DeepMind AI To Use 1 Million NHS Eye Scans To Spot Diseases Earlier >>
* Gigabyte’s mini-ITX GTX 1070 just rendered AMD’s Radeon Nano obsolete >>
* Comcast will put Netflix on its cable set-top boxes >>

* BMW strikes autonomous car deal with Intel, Mobileye >>
* VR Infinite Gesture Plug-In Could Give You Force Powers >>
* Floating airports: Could they finally become a reality? >>

* The real reason Elon Musk is bringing Tesla and Solar City together >>

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