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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 July 2016

* Fastest-Ever Spacecraft to Arrive at Jupiter Tonight >>
* Uranium Seawater Extraction Makes Nuclear Power Completely Renewable >>
* China Finished Building Its Alien-Hunting Telescope >>

* Bloodhound’s land speed record attempt set for October 2017 >>
* Travel the Solar System Aboard a Train That Never Stops >>
* NASA approves new far-flung destination for Pluto space probe >>

* Watch This Video of Microorganisms in a Pac-Man Maze >>
* MRI software bugs could upend years of research >>
* Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines >>

* Neutrinos hint at why antimatter didn’t blow up the universe >>
* Is Mars Missing a Moon? >>

* Seeing RNA at the nanoscale >>
* Singapore’s GemPower speeds smart sustainability via IoT >>
* Zore X is a smart gun lock that raised almost $250K on Indiegogo >>

* This company plans to grow armies of drones in giant tubs of chemicals >>
* Solar roads: A shining idea with a big price tag >>
* Iot and toys: Connected toys require more security >>

* Report: Xbox Play Anywhere arrives in September >>
* Robots could replace migrant workers: Report highlights agriculture and food services as areas for growth in automation >>
* Now THAT’S a storm: Violent volcanic exoplanet may experience TRILLIONS of lightning flashes in just one hour >>

* NASA’s Juno Mission Is About to Perform Its Most Dangerous Maneuvers >>
* A NASA Scientist Answers Your Questions About Juno Mission to Jupiter >>
* View: Juno Mission Nasa Tv Continuous Coverage Live Today! >>

* Red Planet Impact: Huge Moons May Have Crashed Into Mars >>
* Earth At Aphelion 2016 >>
* Threat of alligator attacks in Florida on the rise as creatures compete with humans for territory >>

* How Often Does Life Emerge in the Universe? >>
* Stars Are The Universe’s Neat Freaks >>
* Morning Spoilers: Could Ghost Rider Turn Up on Agents of SHIELD After All? >>

* Googly-eyed-robots-rule-why-its-vital-to-make-us-like-them >>
* Festival forced to shut down because too many people arrived to try out virtual reality porn >>
* Video game stocks are the new momentum plays >>

* Robot arm wins Amazon’s tech award >>
* This 1960s Jet Train Is Still America’s Fastest Locomotive >>
* Real-Life Holodeck? ‘Star Trek’ Tech Uses VR to Solve Global Problems >>

* Google Fellow Talks Neural Nets, Deep Learning >>

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