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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 July 2016

* FDA Approves Eye Implant for Aging Boomers >>
* New technology could turn your skin into a touch screen >>
* First Known Tesla Autopilot Death Spurs Federal Investigation >>

* Tiny Rocket Could One Day Deliver Meds Or Hunt For Cancer In Your Body >>
* NASA’s Mars rover discovered something that transforms our understanding of the planet >>
* Cancer patients gaining rapid access to tests could save 10,000 lives a year >>

* This smart fridge grows fruits and veggies in the kitchen >>
* Butterflies in the Time of Dinosaurs, With Nary a Flower in Sight >>
* Intel tunes its mega-chip for machine learning >>

* Name that network: The carriers behind wireless resellers >>
* Does Playing Loud Music Kill Your Battery Faster? >>

* Sweden is testing electrified roads for unlimited EV range >>
* China successfully refuels a satellite in orbit >>
* APX Labs’ Skylight glasses see a safer, more efficent workplace >>

* NASA’s Giant Super Balloon Mission is Called Off Early >>
* Resonating Drums Made Out of Graphene Could Lead to Better Sensors >>
* Discovery powerful defense against free radicals that cause aging, disease >>

* Artificial pancreas likely to be available by 2018 >>
* Review: Better High-Definition Audio From Your Smartphone >>
* A spectacular survey of the distant universe >>

* First person to die in a Tesla car on autopilot was watching Harry Potter movie at time of crash >>
* One Million Faces Challenge Even the Best Facial Recognition Algorithms >>
* Video Friday: Pneumatic RoboDog, Drone Crash, and Nao With Eyebrows >>

* Fatal Tesla Self-Driving Car Crash Reminds Us That Robots Aren’t Perfect >>
* Gene Editing could destroy latent viruses in the human body like herpes >>
* The Recession Generation Unconference: How to Maximize Your Impact and Thrive in Uncertain Time >>

* Parkinson disease found to have different cellular cause and partially cured Parkinsons in fruit flies >>
* Current American, Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapon timelines see initial deployments from 2020-2025 >>
* Firefly Trails and the Summer Milky Way >>

* New System Discovered With Five Planets >>
* Photos: NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter >>
* Juno Probe Now on Autopilot Ahead of July 4 Jupiter Arrival >>

* The Dutch Are Going To The Moon With The Chinese >>
* Juno Probe Will Run Hellish Radiation Gauntlet at Jupiter Monday >>
* Enigma of Light in Our Universe –“Some of It Could Be Coming From an Unknown Exotic Source” >>

* Nasa Approves New Horizons Extended Kbo Mission, Keeps Dawn At Ceres >>
* Mystery of Our Moon’s Ancient Dynamo–“Generated a Powerful Magnetic Field 3.6 Billion Years Ago” >>

* Google’s Home Automation Network Road Map Includes Delivering a ‘Smart Crib’ >>
* Cancer ‘Moonshot’ Plan: Sharing Knowledge Can Speed Cures >>
* Physicists have discovered what looks like an entire family of new particles in the LHC >>

* Sony Re-Commits to Roots With Return to Robotics >>
* From giant robots to haptic spiders, the real future of virtual worlds >>
* The Tools of Change Are Here: What Will You Do With Them? >>

* Soon Facebook Will Instantly Translate Your Posts Into 44 Languages >>
* Software faults raise questions about the validity of brain studies >>
* A civil servant missing most of his brain challenges our most basic theories of consciousness >>

* ‘Avatar’ Creator James Cameron Throws Shade At J.J. Abrams Over ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ >>
* BMW just announced that self-driving cars are coming in less than 5 years >>

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