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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 July 2016

* Gear VR Owners Can Watch The Rio Olympics In Virtual Reality >>
* Nest seems to be working on a ‘smart crib’ loaded with sensors >>
* Check Out The First-ever Shark Sonogram >>

* Wireless, wearable toxic-gas detector >>
* How Amazon Triggered a Robot Arms Race >>
* Google Maps gets multi-stop directions and vacation memories on mobile >>

* IBM’s “cool things” czar >>
* Scientists observe first signs of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer >>
* A New Selfie Drone Rises >>

* AI lawyer shoots down 160,000 parking tickets >>
* Text Messaging Creates Unique Brain Waves >>
* Google-backed undersea cable between US and Japan goes online tonight >>

* Android N has a name: Nougat >>
* Toyota patents vehicles with shape-shifting skin and ‘stackable wings >>
* 99 million-year-old bird wings with claws at the end found preserved in amber >>

* Aurora spotted on Jupiter as Juno probe nears >>
* NASA’s Juno to enter Jupiter orbit, try to explain how solar system started >>

* Behold The Distant Universe! >>
* Juno And The Deep Space Network: Bringing The Data Home >>
* Can Google Automate Your Break-up? >>

* Scientists Shift Search for Alien Technological Civilizations to Ancient Red-Dwarf Stars –“Twice Age of Earth” >>
* Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs Wants to Help You Navigate Smart Cities >>
* Close the Talent Gap, Secure the Future >>

* Facebook thinks you’d rather read your friends’ rants than the news >>
* Talent Is Global; Trading Can Be Taught >>
* 5 Books to Read This Summer >>

* US research make progress to supercavitation submarines able to go thousands of miles per hour >>
* A smarter ‘bionic’ cardiac patch that doubles as advanced pacemaker/arrhythmia detector >>
* Bay Area Futurists Annual Intelligence Explosion >>

* Virtual reality will let us understand the world in ways photography never could. >>
* AI Drives Better Business Decisions >>
* Augmenting Human Intelligence >>

* Half Of North America’s Electricity Will Be Emissions-free By 2025 >>
* Nasa Is Putting Spacex’s Crew Dragon Through The Wringer >>
* Cisco looks to LoRaWAN for IoT device connectivity >>

* Can We Create Artificial Gravity? >>
* These Wheels Will Let You Drive Any Which Way >>
* Living With Energy Poverty >>

* Turkey shutting down social media after terror attacks is business as usual >>
* Scientists give quantum computing a big boost with laser beams and microwaves >>
* This new model for quantum circuits is like a 5-decker sandwich >>

* Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leak suggests it will have a curved screen and eye scanner >>
* Chatbots Are Here To Stay, And They’re Getting Even Smarter >>
* Scientists Say The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Almost Wiped Us Out Too >>

* This Is What The World Looks Like On An Antidepressant >>
* Artificial Intelligence Creeps Into Everyday Life: The Basics On Intelligent Personal Assistants >>
* Oculus Medium leader Brian Sharp provided UploadVR with an update on the sculpting software >>

* Driver killed in Tesla Autopilot crash filmed a close call earlier this year >>
* Incredible Timelapse Captures The Painting Of An Airplane Over 15 Days >>
* nDreams’ The Assembly Gets a Release Date and Price, Non-VR Version Coming >>

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