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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 June 2016

* 3D-printed device could make surveillance cameras twice the width of a human hair >>
* People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain >>
* The £3 smartphone is finally here >>

* AI air traffic control that could eliminate wasted time on the tarmac for travellers >>
* The AI ‘Top Gun’ that can beat the military’s best >>
* 2-Dimensional Materials Create New Tools for Technologists >>

* Intel readies chip to rival NVIDIA for machine learning >>
* VR, AI, Wearables And Data: Technology Wins Big At Cannes Lions >>
* Hover Camera is a personal drone for selfie lovers >>

* Is Samsung cooking up a smart helmet to take on Microsoft HoloLens? >>
* A lawsuit over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade just cost Microsoft $10,000 >>
* Microsoft’s Start Menu Repair Tool Fixes Common Windows 10 Start Menu Annoyances >>

* Google’s virtual reality field trips are available to everyone >>
* Google opens up its Virtual Reality field trips for all, debuts new apps and services for teachers >>
* Google Earth and Maps get sharper satellite imagery with new update >>

* Windows 10 reinstallation tip: How to reset your PC and remove everything >>
* Can Nanotechnology Create Utopia? >>
* A Silicon Valley Startup Is Building Pizza-making Robots >>

* A Tiny Highway In Sweden Is Now Electrified >>
* Watch These Artists Forge Famous Paintings by Photoshopping Stock Photos Together >>
* Are you ready for mood-altering drugs precisely inserted into your brain? >>

* DARPA developing reusable hypersonic Mach 5+ engine >>
* Nanowires Offer Real-Time Monitoring and Control of Heart Tissue >>
* For Dieters, Smart Glasses Could Detect and Record Every Chew >>

* China successfully launched the new Long March 7 rocket which will be used >>
* Qualcomm demos 5G prototype for enabling IOT and smart cities and 2020 commercial rollout target >>
* Startup Profile: Kepler Communications Aims to Build a Commercial Space Network to Keep Satellites in Touch >>

* Blame for lower economic growth goes beyond silicon valley to anti-growth policies and infrastructure that is not ready for 21st century technology >>
* Black Hole Imager Gets First View of Galactic Core >>
* Vast Water Ocean Detected On Pluto >>

* Opal-Studded Meteorite Hints at Origins of Earth’s Water >>
* Samsung Patent Comes to Light Illustrating a New Multi-Camera Iris Recognition System >>
* Intel Patent Reveals RealSense Camera System adding a New Dimension to Gaming >>

* The future of 3D-printed prosthetics >>
* Can-you-get-over-an-addiction >>
* Rolls-Royce designed a robot boat control center that looks like Star Trek >>

* Meet Cozmo, Anki’s bid to make AI machines rise up >>
* Miranda Sawyer: How to survive a mid-life crisis >>

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