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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 June 2016

* DARPA wants to automate data science with an army of virtual data scientists >>
* Marines will uses laser and stinger missiles on hummers and other combat vehicles >>
* This AI learned to predict the future by watching loads of TV >>

* Need to remember something? Exercise 4 hours later. >>
* Brain markers of numeric, verbal, and spatial reasoning abilities found >>
* Good News, Martian Colonists Can Eat All The Radishes They Want >>

* Our Universe could be crowded with way more black holes than we thought >>
* Google co-founder favors nano technology >>
* Qatar uses 3D printers to make the 2022 World Cup football stadiums ‘desert-proof’ >>

* Next-Generation Batteries Ramp Up Capacity >>
* Nano-camera lens reveals the hidden mirror world of molecules >>
* Expansion of the Early Universe Is Modeled in Unprecedented Detail >>

* Brexit could have terrible consequences for the future of the planet >>
* Being nasty or nice is in our DNA: Model explains why some of us evolved to be more destructive than others >>
* Have hopes of time travel gone pear shaped? Researchers say discovery of fruit-shaped nuclei could make it impossible >>

* Global warming really COULD leave you hot-headed: Scientists say scorching year long temperatures make people violent >>
* Rolls Royce reveals remote controlled ‘roboships’ will take to the sea by 2020: Single operator can oversee ships from a holographic control room >>

* To Diagnose Mental Illness, Read the Brain >>
* Gene Editing Takes on Heart Disease >>
* Lab Mice Are Poor Models of the Human Immune System >>

* Physicists create a ‘quantum ruler’ to measure the universe >>
* Facial recognition systems stumble when confronted with million-face database >>
* Apple may be developing fancy, high-tech styluses with new patent >>

* Netflix might offer offline viewing later this year >>
* DARPA is looking to make huge strides in machine learning >>
* DARPA’s ‘Virtual Eye’ lets soldiers see around obstacles >>

* First details of new 13-episode Star Trek series revealed >>
* The ‘summer of AI’ is here, this startup chief says >>
* New On Netflix: Another Monster Week For New Entertainment >>

* Artificial Intelligences White Guy Problem >>
* Artificially Intelligent Russian Robot Escapes…Again >>
* 328 foot-long floating barrier will collect ocean trash >>

* How Deep Learning Could Be The Next Step In Cancer Detection >>
* The Navy Is Going To Test A Big Laser Soon >>
* Why Did Nasa Still Use Pure Oxygen After The Apollo 1 Fire? >>

* NASA tasks the Hubble Telescope with five more years of service Until 2021 >>
* Bumblebees Collide With Objects More Often Than You Think >>
* Self-Expanding Curtain Makes Your Shower Feel Like a Spacious Luxury Spa >>

* NASA wants a robot in space refueling satellites by 2020 >>
* Intel Furthers Its IoT Vision With Aquisition >>
* Tend.ai applies the cloud and machine learning to co-working robots >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Day Three at Pikes Peak Motorcycle Race With the Buckeye Current Team >>
* Unexpected discovery reveals secret of how cancer spreads in the body >>

* Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Overcome Another Limitation: High Temperatures >>
* Paul Allen Rocket Carrying Plane is 76% complete >>
* NASA’s Webb Telescope sunshield hasd 5 layers of Kapton and multiple coatings >>

* There’s a secret Google feature that makes it incredibly easy to set reminders >>
* Google could be working on robots to work in factories >>

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