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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 June 2016

* Watch This Freakishly Agile Dog-Bot Do the Dishes >>
* Google Has A List Of A.I. Behaviors That Would Scare Them Most >>
* Wearable Liquid Nitrogen Blasters Give You X-Men Powers Without the Mutation >>

* Would you buy a self-driving car if it was programmed to kill you for the greater good? >>
* Could A Human From 100,000 Years Ago Function Today? >>
* Scientists Confirm: Comets Smell Like Cat Piss >>

* Self-driving cars now have their own driving instructor >>
* Soon your drone can avoid collisions using radar >>
* This Tiny Car Just Broke The World Record: 0-60mph In 1.5 Seconds >>

* MIT Computers Binge-Watch ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘The Office’ To Learn About Hugs >>
* Google and Udacity Team Up to Teach the Basics of Android App Development >>
* US Air Force developing capability to launch tens of thousands of drones as jammers, decoys, cameras and “kamikazes” >>

* trains your robot to operate dozens of 3D printers and laser cutters at a time >>
* Port Canaveral Considers Charging Spacex 14 Times Normal Fee For Booster Return >>
* Broccoli sprout extract may block cancer’s return >>

* Astronomers Find the First ‘Wind Nebula’ Around a Magnetar >>
* Can Boeing Launch A Crewed Starliner By February 2018? >>
* NASA Seeks Lab-Grown Tissue for Space-Radiation Studies >>

* In a First, Quantum Computer Simulates High-Energy Physics >>
* The Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2016 >>
* Researchers reveal the future of laundry: Ultrasonic dryer will SHAKE clothes dry >>

* Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover new ways of blocking potentially lethal tumours spreading around the body >>
* The Very Different Problems Facing Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation NEO And Nintendo NX In 2017 >>
* Waterloo gets Canada’s first LPWAN network for IoT >>

* Getting Zero-Carbon Emissions Will Be Tougher For Airliners Than For Cars >>
* Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini Is All Electric, Agile, and Has a Capable Face-Arm >>
* Unexpected insight into how cancer spreads in the body >>

* Electrification Causes Economic Growth, Right? Maybe Not >>
* Watch a Terrifyingly Fast 115 MPH Drone Race a Sports Car >>
* Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Is A Tiny Friendly Dog With An Extra Limb >>

* A Designer’s Guide To The $15 Billion Artificial Intelligence Industry >>
* First Picture Of China’s Secretive New Submarine >>
* The struggle to adapt storytelling for virtual reality >>

* Gives You Streaming Music to Focus, Relax, or Sleep To >>
* This $24 Smart Plug Adds Smartphone Control and Energy Monitoring To Any Outlet >>

* Can wearables make horseracing safer? >>
* Facebook brings emoji to VR with 360 Reactions >>
* Another Threat to Tuna: Ocean Acidification >>

* male-infertility-cure-will-be-gateway-to-editing-our-kids-genes >>
* New life form discovered in saliva is linked to human disease >>
* GM collaborating with Navy for fuel cells in subs >>

* Sun-powered Solar Impulse plane crosses Atlantic >>
* This Is A 53,000 Megapixel Photo Of A Bentley Mulsanne >>
* Watch This Apocalyptic Timelapse of the DC Metro Flood >>

* NASA confirms that Earth has a second moon or multi-century quasi satellite >>
* Russian Hyperloop could become a 21st-century Silk Road >>
* A Cautionary Tale of ‘Stem Cell Tourism’ >>

* Sperm self-sabotage to make sure mothers have a bigger influence on DNA >>
* Heavy Rains Turn Chinese Shopping Mall Into A Raging River >>
* Why would you want a 1,000 core processor? >>

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