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* Google’s AI researchers say these are the five key problems for robot safety >>
* Kfc Meal Boxes In India Now Come With A Built In Usb Charger >>
* Europe Will Spend €1 Billion to Turn Quantum Physics Into Quantum Technology >>

* A few units of stem cell created blood will be scaled up to hundreds of thousand of units by 2020 to solve blood bank shortage issues >>
* Day One at Pikes Peak Motorcyle Race With Ohio State’s Electric Motorcycle >>
* The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism >>

* Robot installation hits high but growth slows >>
* Smart-battery maker Roost is developing a Wi-Fi water and freeze detector >>
* Android Pay will tell you where it works nearby >>

* CRISPR gene-editing approved for first human trials >>
* First human CRISPR trial given go-ahead: your questions answered >>
* Electric fields could help us wage war on destructive feral pigs >>

* Wearable: Zenta pinpoints triggers of stress so you can avoid mood swings and anxiety >>
* Droids could BORE you to death: Google outlines the five challenges facing artificial intelligence >>
* Real-time robot-motion planning >>

* US Navy has breakthrough acoustic technology for submarine technological superiority >>
* Stanford AI achieves 72-75.8% accuracy in understanding news articles >>
* Samsung will invest $1.2 billion in Internet of Things from now to 2020 >>

* Bagging Poachers With Data >>
* Engine upgrades in the 2020s could make the F-35 engine longer lasting to reduce eventual operating costs by 30% >>
* Huge Plasma Tsunamis Hitting Earth Explains Third Van Allen Belt >>

* Powerful ‘Electric Wind’ Sucked Venus’ Oxygen into Space >>
* Apollo 19 Saturn V Rocket Stage Arrives at Infinity Science Center >>
* Enceladus’s Vast Subsurface Ocean –“Hints at Strong Heat Source and Emergence of Life” >>

* Google will teach you to write Android apps >>
* Supergirl Elects Lynda Carter Its President >>
* Leds Could Replace Your Wi-fi >>

* Microsoft puts your company intranet on your iPhone >>
* WiFi-connected hard drive fits a Plex server in your pocket >>
* Elon Musk wants to build you a robotic housekeeper >>

* Pluto must have liquid ocean or it’d look like an overripe peach >>
* Cancer Is Contagious Among Clams. What About Us? >>
* A study found evidence of increased activity in 1,063 genes after death >>

* Europe’s mechanical workers could become ‘electronic persons’ under controversial draft plan >>
* Great Pyramid Lopsided, But Only A Very Tiny Bit >>

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