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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 June 2016

* Custom Processor Speeds Up Robot Motion Planning by Factor of 1,000 >>
* Aliens could alert us with lasers >>
* NASA: ‘Electric Winds’ Can Strip Alien Worlds of Their Oceans >>

* A Robot Army To Build Solar Panels (On The Moon) >>
* ‘Net Gun’ To Capture Satellites? – Demonstrated On Drones | Video >>
* Why 5G Leads Format War Over Which Tech Will Control Autonomous Cars >>

* The AI that could predict the future of your relationships >>
* Twitter just bought machine-learning startup Magic Pony >>
* Why you REALLY shouldn’t scratch a mosquito bite: Inflammation from itching ‘helps viruses like Zika spread around the body’ >>

* Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death >>
* China wants to share its new space station with the world >>
* Say goodbye to flight delays: Pilots can better predict which weather conditions will lead to lethal build-up of ice on plane wings >>

* The underwater ‘skyscrapers’ that could revive coral: Radical concept lets vertical reefs grow on submerged towers of glass >>
* Hate housework? Elon Musk’s AI firm wants to create a droid that will do your chores for you >>

* The AI app that sees (and hears) everything: ‘RedEye’ can remember who you’ve met and even what you said to them >>
* First self-driving ‘cognitive’ vehicle uses IBM Watson Internet of Things >>

* The Inventors of the Internet Are Trying to Build a Truly Permanent Web >>
* This Is the Tech That Will Make Learning as Addictive as Video Games >>
* 3D Printing Human Organs In Space? Microgravity Test Successful | Video >>

* Analog computing and biological simulations get a boost from new MIT compiler >>
* 50 Smartest Companies 2016 >>
* ‘Finding Dory’ Rode Social Media Wave On Way To Record-Breaking Debut >>

* Hyperloop One talking to Russian Summa group about Hyperloop for running freight across Russia from China to Europe >>
* Brain Scanning Just Got Very Good—and Very Unsettling >>
* Pluto could have liquid sub-surface ocean right now so would this mean any icy large moon, large asteroid or planet has a sub-surface ocean ? >>

* International Day of Yoga 2016 >>
* Paul Allen making the largest plane ever for Stratolaunch >>
* Was the Internet Inevitable? >>
* First self-driving ‘cognitive’ vehicle uses IBM Watson Internet of Things >>

* Widened Panama Canal will start operating on June 26 >>
* More 5G Spectrum Coming Soon, FCC Chair Says >>
* Tricia Helfer Is Going to Be Satan’s Mom on Lucifer >>

* Robots in Europe Could Become ‘Electronic Persons’ >>
* A Promising Anti-Aging Drug Will Soon Be Tried On Humans >>
* How Scientists Are Bringing People Back From The Dead >>

* A Remote Control Ball Might Be the Most Enjoyable Way to Learn to Code >>
* A Fusion-powered Rocket To Deflect Deadly Comets >>
* The World’s Biggest Nerf Gun Can Shoot Darts at 40 MPH >>

* The Perfect Memory camera will record your entire life >>
* Microsoft’s ‘internet mash-up’ service Flow gets a mobile app >>
* Windows 10 phones finally gain NFC payment support as Wallet 2.0 rolls out in preview >>

* BMW plans to turn old i3 EV batteries into home energy storage systems >>
* How 5G Internet Will Change The Way We Generate And Consume Power >>

* Robots are learning complex tasks just by watching humans do them >>
* Hands-on: Adobe Photoshop updates include Content-Aware Crop and Face-Aware Liquify >>

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