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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 June 2016

* From drone delivered pizzas to avatar dating: Brits predict how technology will affect lives in next 20 years >>
* Telstra’s ‘future of medical diagnosis’ needs just 5Mbps >>
* These ultra-thin solar cells can be bent around a pencil >>

* Google Will Start Showing Direct Answers When You Search for Medical Symptoms >>
* IBM Engineer Builds a Harry Potter Sorting Hat Using ‘Watson’ AI >>
* Ultrasound Implant Safely Opens Blood–Brain Barrier >>

* Why Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen is building an aeroplane as wide as a football field >>
* War zone brain scanner: System will be able to detect internal bleeding without need for bulky equipment >>
* Artificial intelligence has mastered painting >>

* Hbo’s New Westworld Trailer Is Like Game Of Thrones With Robot Cowboys >>
* Can cancer just disappear? >>
* Could you beat this badminton robot? >>

* Google AI learns how to play soccer with a virtual ant >>
* Scientists make breakthrough in low-fat chocolate >>
* First Human Tests Of A Zika Vaccine Will Begin In A Few Weeks >>

* Could engineered proteins deliver chemo to tumors? >>
* Artificial intelligence shown to spot early signs of a tumour with 92 per cent accuracy >>
* Mixed Reality Without A Green Screen Now Possible In ‘Fantastic Contraption’ >>

* ‘Baby planet’ just 10 million-years-old could shed light on how solar systems form >>
* AI just got a big boost in its ability to understand the news >>
* World’s largest plane gets ready for its debut: Enormous Stratolaunch will send astronauts into orbit using a mini shuttle >>

* “Artificial Synapses” Could Let Supercomputers Mimic the Human Brain >>
* The leaning tower of Giza: Engineers discover the Great Pyramid is wonky >>
* Artificial gut mimics microbiome reaction to drugs >>

* Heave-Ho! Stonehenge Experiment May Show How Monument Was Built >>
* 3D Printing a Lab-on-a-Chip >>
* 30 giant Chinese infrastructure projects that are reshaping the world >>

* Caltech Team Discovers Youngest Known Alien Planet –“Giving Us New Clues” >>
* Dim, Tiny M-Dwarf Stars –“Surprisingly Habitable Worlds?” >>
* Israel wants a $5 billion island off Gaza for a seaport, hotels, airport >>

* Tech Companies Mull Storing Data in DNA >>
* Sunway Supercomputer Architecture for 125 peak petaflops >>
* Here’s Everything Announced At Apple WWDC And Google I/O, Year By Year, Since 2006 >>

* The Google app takes on WebMD with an intelligent symptom search >>
* Oculus co-founders Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell on the state of VR >>
* Meet KiloCore, a 1,000-core processor so efficient it could run on a AA battery >>

* Bracelet that reveals who REALLY stresses you out: $99 >>
* How early mammals evolved NIGHT VISION to escape dinosaurs >>
* Breast cancer prevention: Kiwi discovers drug that could counter faulty gene >>

* This HIV computer model is ‘pretty darn close’ to reality >>
* Want to Know about Deep Learning and AI?–Check This Out >>
* The next wave in software is open adoption software >>

* Chinese supercomputer is the world’s fastest — and without using US chips >>
* Oculus Home on Rift and Gear Now Look Identical >>
* Elon Musk Is Wrong. We Aren’t Living in a Simulation >>

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