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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 June 2016

* Wearable artificial kidney prototype successfully tested >>
* World’s first 1,000-processor chip >>
* A low-cost ‘electronic nose’ spectrometer for home health diagnosis >>

* Olli is a 3D Printed, IBM Watson-Powered, Self-Driving Minibus >>
* Wow! Blue Origin Launches Capsule and Rocket, Lands Both Again | Video >>
* Sheets That Stay Cool; Temperature-regulating fabric actually moves heat away from body >>

* IBM Watson Health Tackles Diabetes >>
* DIRTT’s ICEreality puts VR to use for interior, office design >>
* Directional Infra-Red Counter Measure tricks missile targeting >>

* Concept MINI Cooper looks like a space shuttle on wheels >>
* Rolls-Royce unveils an autonomous car for the 1% >>
* BMW’s Vision Next 100 is the concept car of my childhood dreams >>

* Small Asteroid Discovered Orbiting Earth >>
* Chinese Startup Horizon Robotics Is Building Chips To Power Artificial Intelligence >>
* Last SpaceX rocket landed hard enough to ‘accordion’ the engines >>

* The smart ‘x-ray’ helmet that lets soldiers see through TANKS to spot snipers outside >>
* Two inventions deal with virtual-reality sickness >>
* ‘World Rally Championship 6’ in VR is full of off-road rage >>

* NASA and American Airlines team up to improve cockpit displays >>
* Is Dark Matter Required For Life To Exist? >>
* Ancient Galaxy Is Filled With Glowing Oxygen >>

* Can an algorithm predict terror attacks? >>
* Back-stabbing butterflies rob the ants that once protected them >>
* Single-Molecule Switch Can Be Flipped On and Off by Light >>

* Windows 10 To Come With A Clean Install Tool >>
* Department of Defense expanding Hack the Pentagon program >>
* CW Announces 2016 Fall Premiere Dates >>

* VR skateboarding at E3 >>
* Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Robotics Are High Priorities For Developers In 2016 >>
* First Test For Machine That Could Change The Future Of Particle Physics >>

* Here’s the cable industry’s counter offer to fix TV boxes >>
* Genetically engineered HIV Vaccine moves to phase I human trial in summer of 2017 >>

* Step into the beautiful and terrifying mind of artist Andrew Jones >> >> >>
* Lexus software update gives new meaning to ‘car crash’ >>
* This driverless car can harness the power of IBM Watson >>

* Shazam Can Now Automatically Identify Songs in the Background >>
* You May Already Be Using Google’s AI Chips and Not Know It >>
* Neural networks: Artificial intelligence and our future >>

* NASA’s Last Apollo Saturn V Rocket Is on Its Way to Mississippi Instead of the Moon >>
* Messier 67 Star Cluster Harbors Unusual Number of Exotic Giant Planets –“Was It Once Home to Our Sun?” >>
* Fire Experiment On Spacecraft – First Look At The Flames | Raw Video >>

* LiquidPIston demos engine in go-kart that has the same power but is ten times smaller >>
* SpaceX’s Failed Experimental Landing A Learning Experience | Video >>
* Video Friday: Marty the Robot, Dancing With Drones, and Deep Learning for Cars >>

* Long March 7 rocket will revolutionize China’s manned space program >>
* China is in preliminary talks with Ukraine to finish the second Antonov 225 cargo plane >>
* Rolls-Royce unveils an autonomous car for the 1% >>

* The New NASA X-Plane Will Be Fully Electric >>
* Microsoft Is Offering Weed-Management Software Now >>

* Fermi’s Paradox On Hold –“It Will Be 1,500 Years Before There’s Alien Contact” >>
* Hackers Hacked The Pentagon And Found Quite A Few Bugs >>
* Will the next Siri be empathetic? >>

* ‘Battlefield 1’ learned a lot from ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ >>
* Bluetooth 5.0 is set for a 2017 debut >>

* Can wearables empower patients despite doctors’ skepticism? >>
* Xbox Scorpio To Be ‘The Most Powerful Console Ever Made,’ But PCs Are Still A Thing >>
* 6 Reasons To Start Live Video Streaming Your Brand >>

* Inside the Local Motors lab where 3D-printed autonomous buses are made >>
* Bill Gates endorses genetically modified mosquitoes to combat malaria >>

* DARPA making progress to autonomous attacking drone swarms >>
* Gillmor Gang: M & A >>
* A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Elon Musk About Business and Investing >>

* Your Cat Can Grasp Some Basic Laws of Physics >>
* Roland Emmerich is Rebooting the Stargate Franchise From Scratch >>

* Where Will All the New Neuroscientists Go? >>
* How automated ships will help make Rolls-Royce’s troubled marine business shipshape >>

* Coffee unlikely to cause cancer, but very hot drinks could >>
* MIT Researchers Turn Graphene Light on and off >>
* Should the US Air Force be abolished or substantially altered >>

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