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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 June 2016

* Android inventor Andy Rubin thinks the future of smartphones might be a single AI >>
* Autodesk looks to future with investments in 3D robotic drones and IoT as a service >>
* Twisty Molecule Essential to Life Spotted in Deep Space For 1st Time >>

* New Calculation Shows We’ll Make Contact With Aliens in About 1,500 Years >>
* Carbon Nanotubes Can’t Handle A Space Elevator >>
* New Weight-Loss Device Sucks Food Directly Out of Your Stomach >>

* The AI Dashcam App That Wants to Rate Every Driver in the World >>
* Taste Sensor Capable of Quantifying Tastes >>
* Can Deep Learning Help Clinicians Predict Alzheimer’s Disease? >>

* Holographic storytelling >>
* Facebook Will Track What Physical Stores You Go Into >>

* Portable Centrifuge Lets Men Count Sperm At Home >>
* Are you smarter than a macaw? >>
* Scientists Have Created Monkeys With Parkinson’s Disease >>

* Facebook Could Have No Text in Five Years >>
* Here’s Why Nasa Is Purposely Lighting A Fire On A Working Spaceship >>
* Machine-vision algorithms help craft realistic portraits from sketches >>

* Siri: Once a Flake, Now Key to Apple’s Future >>
* Andy Rubin explains his $300M bet on the future of hardware >>
* Scientists Hear a Second Chirp From Colliding Black Holes >>

* SpaceX Launches Satellites, Narrowly Misses Rocket Landing at Sea >>
* Caltech: “If There’s Life Elsewhere in the Cosmos, is It Based on the Biochemistry We Know?” >>
* Algorithms for Personalized Medicine for rapid metagenome comparison >>

* Small Jet Engine for Advanced Environmentally Friendly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles >>
* First phase 1 human aging reversal trials (GDF, Myostatin) in a year >>
* DNA Structures Coordinate Nanoparticle Self-Assembly >>

* Hypersonic glide missiles would penetrate existing missile defences >>
* Gravitational Waves From Colliding Black Holes Detected Again >>
* Eight of 12 smartphone makers are from China, Huawei claims it will pass Apple in 2018, Samsung by 2021 >>

* Facebook Will Start Tracking Which Stores You Walk Into >>
* Your Brain Will Want to Watch This Impossible Bundle of Spinning Gears Forever >>
* Totally Savage Driver Uses Smoke Screen and Throws Spikes at the Police During Car Chase >>

* The future of Office may lie in ‘decomposable’ documents >>
* Could Nasa one day clone a man on Mars? >>
* Microbubbles open brain’s barrier to make chemo more effective >>

* Molecules in space may show how life formed on Earth >>
* Astronomers just discovered a huge planet orbiting two suns >>
* Apple’s HomeKit gets big upgrade at WWDC >>

* How to play Facebook Messenger’s hidden soccer minigame >>
* AT&T brings WiFi calling to Android phones >>
* Will IoT accelerate movement from products to services? >>

* AcadGild brings its coding classes to the US >>
* Internet Of Things: Where Is All The Data Going? >>
* Microsoft Just Made A Huge Mistake At E3 >>

* A conscious AI could one day control EVERY device on the planet >>
* The science of FEAR >>
* Hands-On: ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ is The Final Frontier of VR Space Fantasies >>

* A cure for premature ageing? Stem cell treatment provides hope for rare condition after it proves successful in rats >>
* E3 2016: Three ‘Crash Bandicoot’ Remasters Announced By Sony >>
* DIY autonomous cars hit the track >>

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