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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 June 2016

* PlayStation VR is arriving October 13th, priced at $399 >>
* Amazing Photo Shows Likely Alien Planet 1,200 Light-Years Away >>
* Apple promises to deliver AI smarts without sacrificing your privacy >>

* Multi-directional cableless elevators could deliver people to the subway directly from their offices >>
* A Molecule In Space Could Help Us Understand The Origin Of Life On Earth >>
* Why PlayStation VR Will Dominate The Virtual Reality Market >>

* The First Google Daydream Headset is the VR ONE Plus >>
* Project Scorpio’s VR Headset Will Not Be Made By Microsoft >>

* LIquidPiston Unveils Tiny But Powerful Rotary Engine >>
* Cloud Analysis Computation Service >>
* Apple is turning Siri into a next-level Artificial Intelligence >>

* Dark matter might be made of black holes >>
* France creates a meteor-tracking camera network >>
* 47 must-see PC gaming gems revealed at E3 2016: Watch every trailer >>

* Apple’s 2016 WWDC event in under 90 seconds >>
* Watch Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote in 15 minutes >>
* Watch Microsoft’s Xbox E3 event in under 15 minutes >>

* What Apple’s differential privacy means for your data and the future of machine learning >>
* Apple Now Has A Neural Network Api >>
* Here’s What Apple Didn’t Mention During Its Wwdc Keynote >>

* New South Park Game Trailer Pisses All Over Marvel and DC Superhero Movie Franchises >>
* Google brings ‘intelligent search’ to business users >>
* ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Is Cool, But Local Multiplayer VR Isn’t Remotely Realistic Right Now >>

* Facebook taps GPS, Square to track your in-store visits and purchases >>
* China’s have not provinces are closing the gap with Shanghai and other richer regions >>
* Laser LIDAR technology has found several lost cities near Angkor Wat the size of Phnom Penh >>

* India’s fintech revolution is primed to put banks out of business >>
* Amazon Alexa: Is She The Singularity? >>
* PR2 Learns a Trick to Grasp Ungraspable Objects >>

* Facebook adds SMS to Messenger; here’s how to enable it >>
* Neat Video Shows Two Passenger Jets Landing Side-By-Side at the Same Time >>
* Minecraft takes a big step towards becoming a fully cross-platform game >>

* Rice University’s single-molecule submersibles gain better fluorescent properties >>
* Electricity turned into light using graphene to create an optical “sonic boom” >>
* Gorgeous Photos Of Earth And The Night Sky: Twan Photo Contest Winners Announced >>

* Will AI And Robots Make Humans Obsolete? >>
* New Virtual Tour Lets You Explore the International Space Station >>
* Where Do Flags Come From? >>

* ESO: “The First Direct Image of an Alien Star System’s Planet” >>
* What’s Next for Artificial Intelligence >>
* Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs >>

* First SpaceX Missions To Mars: ‘Dangerous and Probably People Will Die’ >>
* Scientists Amplify Light Using Sound On a Silicon Chip >>
* Programmer Automates His Job For 6 Years, Gets Fired, Realizes Hes Forgotten How To Code >>

* ‘Star Trek Bridge Crew’ puts you inside a VR starship this fall >>
* On the trail of a missing elephant with latest surveillance tech >>
* Hormone injection lets ageing muscles run harder and longer >>

* Black holes create gravitational waves formed in cosmic mosh pit of densely-packed stars >>
* Amazon’s virtual assistant will analyse emotions in user’s voices >>
* Glowing tags make nano-submarines easier to track >>

* Column: Apple’s AI evolution may be moving too slowly >>
* Microsoft to introduce private communities to Xbox One >>
* A Lab-Grown Diamond Is Forever >>

* Yes, of course I want to be a bird in virtual reality >>
* Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury >>

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