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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 June 2016

* Apple’s Siri poised to reveal AI upgrade >>
* Search for Transmissions from Advanced Civilizations –“The Next Ten Years” >>

* Nanosatellite global quantum network >>
* F22 stealth fighter production restart possibilities >>
* Sensors invisible to thermal and electrical fields >>

* Doctor’s Plan for Full-Body Transplants Raises Doubts Even in Daring China >>
* Built-in miniaturized micro-supercapacitor powers silicon chip >>
* Robot workers are showing up in malls, hotels, and parking lots >>

* How Gaming Is Helping Organizations Accelerate Recruitment >>
* Playing Politics With Agile Projects >>
* Solar aircraft test flight paves the way for internet drones >>

* Self-Focusing Eyeglasses Are in Development in Israel >>
* How to develop the skills that are in demand at top companies like Google >>
* Google/DeepMind’s five year plan to bring AI to healthcare >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 June 2016

* Machine Knitting Is Now as Easy as 3-D Printing >>
* Will the first Mars crew be multi-year pioneers who build up Mars facilities for permanent colonization preparations >>
* Gene Therapy Is Curing Hemophilia >>

* The NSA wants to spy on the Internet of Things >>
* DHL’s Parcelcopter shows that automated drone delivery is real >>

* Could Ikea Furniture Assembly Be A Tipping Point For Augmented Reality? >>
* VTime lets you hang with friends in VR, whatever the hardware >>
* Sniffing out crime: Researchers find witnesses can identify criminals by their SMELL >>

* Submerged Lost City Really Bacterially Built >>
* Neuroscientists Discover a New Way to Cross the Blood–Brain Barrier >>

* 100 bits recorded in e coli bacteria using CRISPR editing >>
* New Map Shows the Dark Side of Artificial Light at Night >>
* RAF drones could kill without the need for humans: AI would let machines pick targets and fire at will >>

* The stem cell therapy that can stop MS in its tracks >>
* Record breaking image captured by a telescope on Earth shows halo 500m light years away >>
* Lollicam is a real-time mobile video tool for adding cinematic effects to selfies >>

* Augmented reality comes to phones — and kitchens >>
* Apple to bring iMessage to Android at WWDC: report >>
* New treatment can ‘halt’ multiple sclerosis, says study >>

* “An Astonishing Simplicity Underlies the Universe” (Weekend Feature Video) >>
* Blood test could pick up diabetes five years before it develops >>
* The future of the IoT job market >>

* Planet’s Light Pollution Blocks Milky Way’s River of Stars from Night Sky >>
* Liftoff! Delta IV Heavy Rocket Launches Spy Satellite | Video >>
* Reaching for the Stars, Across 4.37 Light-Years >>

* Mars Stink To Be Duplicated For Earthbound Humans >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – June 10, 2016: Dr. Chris Mckay >>
* Universal Gene Identified –Enabled Evolution of Intelligent Life Over a Billion Years Ago >>

* Google Hartmut Neven predicts within 10 years there will only be quantum machine learning and no machine learning on classical computers >>
* Bluetooth 5 will be announced next week with four times the speed and double the range >>
* Video Friday: Robotic Submersible, Hair-Cutting Drone, and What Is a Robot? >>

* The world will be continuously upgradable when everything is connected >>
* APP STORE 2.0 The App Store changed the way we buy software. Can Apple do it again? >>
* Lockheed designing mach 1.4 plane with a quiet sonic boom >>

* Fourth Generation composites used for the blades of the GE9X engine which will be used in the 777X >>
* New breakthrough steel with high strength and high formability >>
* UAI 2016 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence >>

* Spacex will use Falcon Heavy for 2018 Mars Mission, then at least two Falcon Heavies in 2020 and then a Mars Colonial Transporter in 2022 >>
* Lenovo and Samsung will have smartphones that will wrap around your wrist in 2017 >>
* On-Chip Supercapacitors Dump Carbon in Favor of Silicon >>

* Spacex disrupting the global space industry so all future launch systems must be reusable >>
* China will mass produce over 1000 Y-20 strategic heavy lift airplanes >>

* Sony Playstation 4.5 with 4K super high definition will be coming late this year >>
* WWDC16 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference >>
* Brain Scans to Distinguish Between Brain Injury and PTSD >>

* Quantum Simulator ‘Entangles’ Hundreds of Ions >>
* Humans With Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI >>
* The World’s First Child-Sized Exoskeleton Will Melt Your Heart >>

* May Broke A New Record For Arctic Sea Ice Loss >>
* A Drone Filmed This Huge Whale Feeding For The First Time >>
* Cheap Rocket Launches May Be Key To National Defense >>

* You Can Create Your Own Fake Traffic Jams With This Handy Simulator >>
* New Gene Editing Technology Can Eliminate Whole Species. Should We Use It? >>
* Now Sony, Microsoft And Nintendo May All Have New Consoles In 2017 >>

* Watch this short Sci-Fi movie with a script written by an AI >>
* Why it’s so important Apple takes Siri to the next level >>
* Steven Spielberg is working on a ‘family-oriented’ VR project >>

* ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Coming To Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR >>
* What Furries Can Teach Us About Sex in the Kinky, Avatar-Filled Virtual Future >>
* Self-Driving Cars Will Teach Themselves to Save Lives—But Also Take Them >>

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