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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 June 2016

* Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro will be the first Google Project Tango AR smartphone >>
* Periodic table gets 4 new elements >>
* Lenovo just showed off bendable smartphones and tablets >>

* Robo Librarian Tracks Down Misplaced Books >>
* Now Graphene Can Have a Tunable, Stable Bandgap >>
* Brits Can Now Insure Their Driverless Cars >>

* AR Blippar launched visual browser it says could be bigger than the internet itself >>
* Lenovo shows off a pair of Intel-powered smart shoes >>
* Geo-injection System Can Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Stone >>

* A drone that can carry passengers has been cleared for test flights in Nevada >>
* Android can launch apps based on where you are >>
* Facebook rolls out improved support for 360 photos and panoramas >>

* This tool taps machine learning to take the guesswork out of content marketing >>
* Google gets ‘serious’ about beaming wireless broadband into homes >>
* New element in periodic table to honor Tennessee >>

* Google’s Larry Page spent over $100 million funding flying car startups >>
* Engineers plan to upload bee brains to flying robots >>
* Bigger and Better Perovskite Solar Cells >>

* We’re Probably Living In A Universe Full Of Dead Aliens >>
* What Does Mars Smell Like? >>
* Telescopes May Ride Giant Balloons to Better See the Stars >>

* Iron Vision provides 360 ‘Xray’ display for tank crew through buttoned up tank walls >>
* Vyo Is a Fascinating and Unique Take on Social Domestic Robots >>
* What 5G Engineers Can Learn from Radio Interference’s Troubled Past >>

* World’s first child-exoskeleton for spinal muscular atrophy >>
* Second layer of information in DNA confirmed >>
* Solar Energy Is Now as Cheap as Fossil Fuels >>

* Google’s progress on inventing future – diagnosing disease, AI advancing genetics >>
* Artificial synthetic human genome >>
* Maluuba is getting machines closer to reading like humans do >>

* Google’s Project Fi gets more coverage through US Cellular >>
* Technique For Making Three-parent Babies Is Safe, Study Finds >>

* This virtual lab will revolutionize science class >>
* A Computer Tried (and Failed) to Write This Article >>
* Tango: See more with a new kind of phone >>

* Scientists Find Genes That Let These Bees Reproduce Without Males >>
* Elon Musk IS Iron Man! Billionaire inventor tweets secret Pentagon visit was ‘something about a flying metal suit’ >>
* Scientists uncover the brain regions responsible for our ‘internal GPS’ >>

* Record number of ions get entangled together in a quantum trap >>
* Artificial muscles that mimic human muscles >>
* Your phone may soon sense everything around you >>

* Scientists uncover 11 types of acute myeloid leukaemia >>
* Scientists created a 3D hologram of the brain’s connections and saw something amazing >>
* Gene editing can now change an entire species—forever >>

* Mystery Object Outshines Entire Milky Way Galaxy by 50 Times >>
* Miracle and Wonder: Amazing Developments in Medicine >>
* Apple’s WWDC 2016: Siri, iOS 10, Apple Music, and what else to expect >>

* Xbox at E3 2016: Microsoft’s new console(s), HoloLens, games, and what else to expect >>
* Someone made the Lexus 2054 from Minority Report, and you can own it >>

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