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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 June 2016

* Artificial Intelligence ‘outsmarts cancer’ >>
* Artificial intelligence to spearhead enhanced human longevity >>
* Military neural processor chip comes out of stealth mode >>

* Chinese Drones Make Key Breakthrough, Firing On Command By Satellite >>
* Chinese Company Begins Offering Drone Deliveries To Rural Areas >>
* Humanity will only buy 47 smartphones per SECOND in 2016 >>

* It’s Raining Frigid Gas At This Giant Black Hole >>
* Play Chess Against a Computer and See What It’s Thinking >>
* Google Wants to Represent You in VR With Googly Eyes >>

* Coming Soon: A Wearable Artificial Kidney? >>
* Great Pyramid of Giza Gets High-Tech Scan >>
* Apple’s WWDC 2016: Siri, iOS 10, Apple Music, and what else to expect >>

* The Democratization of Innovation for the Internet of Things >>
* From Living Computers to Nano-Robots: How We’re Taking DNA Beyond Genetics >>
* A Neuroscientist Tackles ‘Why Diets Make Us Fat’ >>

* Gigantic Space-based Test To Detect Gravitational Waves Might Actually Work >>
* LISA Pathfinder Sets the Stage for a Gravitational Wave Hunt in Space >>
* Withings’ Connected Scale Now Tracks the Health of Your Heart Too >>

* First Surgical Robot from Secretive Startup Auris Cleared for Use >>
* Can Scientists Hack Sleep For Better Memory? >>
* Spacex plans the first relaunch of one of its rockets in September or October of this year >>

* People cannot wait to pay $800 for a laundry-folding robot >>
* First Ford Super aircraft carrier on track for September delivery >>
* These are the future tech products that Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt thinks will change the world >>

* US Air Force Research will develop Skylon pre-cooler heat exchanger suitable for flight for two stage to orbit hypersonic space plane >>
* Apple’s App Store is changing, starting with subscriptions >>

* Some Companies Are Banning Email and Getting More Done >>
* Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2016 >>
* How To Compete And Win In The New World Of AI >>

* Magic Leap offers a glimpse into its headset design process >>
* Researchers Turn Smartphone Vibration Motor Into Microphone To Spy On You >>
* ‘Three-parent baby’ success could see trials in two years >>

* Ghostly neutrino could be behind cosmic expansion mystery >>
* Artificial Synthetic Human Genome >>
* Smartphone growth to hit single digits this year >>

* Deep neural networks to help identify, formulate advanced antiaging supplements >>
* Apple’s Siri calls ambulance while mother gives daughter CPR >>
* Humans are just starting to understand the octopus — and it’s mind-blowing >>

* What it was like inside the world’s biggest cancer conference >>
* Here’s why programmers and software engineers get paid so much more than you >>
* AT&T hits milestone in 5G lab tests excess of 10Gbps. >>

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