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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 June 2016

* Artificial Curiosity Allows This Bot to Triumph at Montezuma’s Revenge >>
* Tiny ‘metalens’ could bring SLR camera quality to your phone >>
* Quadrotors Learning to Surf Urban Winds for Huge Performance Boosts >>

* Pepper, the Emotional Robot, Learns How to Feel Like an American >>
* Haptic Taco Helps You Navigate By Feel >>
* We May Soon Capture The First Real Image Of A Black Hole >>

* Are smart personal assistants doomed? people too embarrassed to talk to machine >>
* Siri saves a life: Apple’s smart assistant used to call an ambulance >>
* Cutting the Cord: A streaming saturation point? >>

* LISA Pathfinder ‘listens’ to the universe while in freefall >>
* Harvard’s Robotic Bee Is Scary Lifelike (With a Few Important Exceptions) >>
* Drone Racetrack To Open This Summer In San Francisco >>

* Netflix Blocks Many IPv6 Users Over Geolocation Difficulty >>
* Mars One Colony Project to Whittle List of Astronaut Hopefuls to 40 >>
* Airbus is solving the space debris problem with pseudo-satellites that fly forever >>

* Google’s Most Ambitious Life Sciences Projects Are Struggling To Launch >>
* Computer Simulation Lets You Create Your Own Traffic Jam >>
* New CRISPR system can now edit RNA rather than DNA >>

* Software is still eating the world >>
* The US Army Is Rolling Out Superhuman Hearing to Soldiers >>
* Near-Perfect Free Fall in Space Sets Stage for Gravitational Wave Hunt >>

* China’s precision medicine initiative could see 100 million whole human genomes sequenced by 2030 >>
* Watch Google’s A.I. Figure Out ‘montezuma’s Revenge’ In Four Tries >>
* Spacex launch costs $1000 per pound this year – $10 per pound by 2025 >>

* APOD Night on Venus in Infrared >>
* A New Theory Explains How Consciousness Evolved >>
* Affordable, lightweight, low power walking assistance and strength enhancement for the soldier and the elderly with the Superflex exosuit >>

* Latest bionic leaf now 10 times more efficient than natural photosynthesis >>
* New material kills E. coli bacteria in 30 seconds >>
* Sources of longevity genes for genetic engineering >>

* Scientists plan to build human genome from scratch >>
* The Fastest Smartphones Right Now Aren’t Made By Samsung Or Apple >>
* Supergirl Stuntwoman Crushes American Ninja >>

* Genetically Engineered Mice May Reduce Lyme Disease In Nantucket >>
* The new-look homepage >>
* The Foldable Phones Samsung Promised Might Be Available Early Next Year >>

* Google’s Hyped Smart Contact May Not Exist Beyond PowerPoint and High Hopes >>
* Verizon! to! bid! $3bn! for! Yahoo!’s assets! >>
* Smart Mirrors Might Be The Future Of In-Store Customer Analytics >>

* Nasa Is Funding A Concept To Turn Asteroids Into Spaceships >>
* Here’s How To Solve Autonomous Cars’ Biggest Problem >>
* No Escape From Black Holes? Stephen Hawking Points to a Possible Exit >>

* The unsexiest trillion dollar startup >>
* Solar power will reach $1 per watt by 2020 >>
* Microsoft Raises The “Mixed Reality” Bar Yet Again With New Holographic Platform >>

* This Train Ride Through Tokyo Is Totally Hitting the Hyperdrive >>
* Xbox One games may come to Windows 10 PCs >>
* Have we reached peak Facebook? >>

* Microsoft’s wacky work-sharing app that’s so crazy it might just take off >>
* The top trends in tech and what it means for you >>
* Silicon Valley comes to Christchurch for conference >>

* Onboard View Of The Fastest Lap Ever At The Isle Of Man TT Is, Predictably, Insane >>
* Lenovo to Unveil New Wireless VR Product This Week (And It’s Not a Phone) >>

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