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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 June 2016

* Xbox One is getting Cortana in summer update >>
* Astronauts Enter Inflatable Space Station Module for 1st Time (Video) >>
* Swiss reject universal basic income in public referendum >>

* Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S7 Active packs a huge battery >>
* Guaranteed basic income not happening – Multi generation multi-family living >>
* The Guardian view on a universal income: the high price of free money >>

* Slack Is Creating An Artificially Intelligent Office Manager >>
* Google’s Deepmind AI will play Go against the world number one >>
* Netflix is making its first original series out of India >>

* Plan to Turn Asteroids Into Spaceships Could Spur Off-Earth Mining >>
* How Do You Fly to Alpha Centauri in Just 20 Years? Ride a Laser Beam >>
* Inside Experimental Robotics Class: Robot Sketch Artist, Robot That Plays Dominos.. >>

* New book: Society Tomorrow >>
* Tesla to add self driving capabilities.. urban driving and intersections ASAP software upgrades >>

* China developing faster high speed trains with adjustable wheels >>
* Vital Lessons on Disruption From the Demise of Corporate Giants >>

* Human-pig chimeras are being grown – what will they let us do? >>
* Creating a Window Into a Fly’s Brain >>
* World’s Largest Radio Telescope Faces Troubling Future >>

* Why haven’t we found alien life? Experts claim extraterrestrials die young on other planets >>
* New Film ‘Mission Control’ Focuses on Men Who Put a Man on the Moon >>
* What Makes a GPU Different From a CPU? >>

* Netflix built a tool to gauge real-world video quality >>
* Blizzard deal lets you stream its games on Facebook Live >>
* Stop Saying Big Companies Can’t Innovate >>

* Do Startups Really Create Lots of Good Jobs? >>
* Why we can’t resist a baby: Scientists say they have evolved to appeal to ALL our senses >>
* Next generation of driverless cars will carry eight people, but only travel at 15mph >>

* Audi’s robotic vehicle is being taught human manners >>
* New Zealand’s Morning-After Maids Are Cleaning Up After Wild Parties >>
* DARPA Darlings Just Raised $20M To Build A Super-Powered Google For IOTs >>

* ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Teases Epic 4-Night DC Crossover Event >>
* ‘Rogue One’ Reshoots: Are Future ‘Star Wars’ Films In Jeopardy? >>

* Chronic stroke patients safely recover after injection of human stem cells >>
* The Laws of Mixed Reality — without the rose-colored glasses >>
* Are Apple, Google, Microsoft making the right bets on wearables? >>

* How NASA’s New Horizons team pulled off the Pluto flyby >>
* Nest’s time at Alphabet: A “virtually unlimited budget” with no results >>

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