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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 June 2016

* Tesla plans to make 500,000 cars per year by 2018 and one million cars per year by 2020 >>
* Engineered Bacterium Produces Alcohol Out Of Thin Air >>
* Special Report: Trusting Robots >>

* In 5 years, the average American will use 22GB of mobile data per month, report says >>
* Microsoft wants Windows Holographic to power all VR devices, not just HoloLens >>
* Microsoft releases first update for Windows Holographic >>

* Injectable Gunshot Treatment Xstat Saves Its First Life >>
* How Computing Power Can Help Us Look Deep Within Our Bodies, and Even the Earth >>
* Re-engined’ Antares Rocket Completes Crucial Engine Test Firing >>

* NHS could soon use smart outfit to diagnose epilepsy >>
* One pill: 3D printed ‘supertablet’ can contain all your medications for day >>
* Smartphone slowdown is trend to watch, says Mary Meeker >>

* Physicists Voyage Into Quantum Foam >>
* Measuring the Milky Way –“It’s Huge!” >>
* Bayer And Planetary Resources Intend To Collaborate To Improve Agriculture With Space Data >>

* Humans to Mars by 2028? Check Out Lockheed Martin’s Red Planet ‘Base Camp’ Idea >>
* Webb Telescope Gets Its Science Instruments Installed >>
* Launch Of World’s Largest Rocket Postponed >>

* Neural Dust – ultra small brain interfaces – is being used to make cyborg insects >>
* Would You Trust a Robot to Give Your Grandmother Her Meds? >>
* Tesla autonomous driving gathering twice as many miles every day as Google’s entire multi-year self driving project >>

* Why Should We Ban Autonomous Weapons? To Survive >>
* This Mobile Security Feature Will Annoy You, But It Will Also Protect Your Phone >>
* An Ultrasonic Implant for Fighting Heart Failure >>

* How to make opaque AI decisionmaking accountable >>
* Google’s Eric Schmidt Says AI Will Make Him Smarter, Cooler >>
* Eagles and Falcons being used to intercept drones is seeing 3000 year old falconry applied to modern drone problems >>

* How to Build a Moral Robot >>
* Robot Surgeons Are Taking Over the Operating Room >>
* Toyota Will Probably Buy Robot Makers From Google >>

* Internet Of Things Project Allows Quadraplegic Driver To Race >>
* This Wearable System Might Help Asthma Sufferers Avoid Attacks >>
* Airbus 3d Printed This 13-foot-long Drone Named Thor >>

* Antares Rocket Passes First Test Since Exploding Two Years Ago >>
* Mit Calculates How Hard A Super Mario Brothers Level Can Be >>
* Augmented Reality Will Now Help You Solve a Rubik’s Cube >>

* We Need To Build Industrial Zones In Space In Order To Save Earth, Says Jeff Bezos >>
* Google offers tools for creating art using AI >>

* This tool turns your Instagram feed into a VR gallery with one click >>
* Apple sends press invites to June 13 WWDC keynote >>
* Google Fiber’s TV Boxes add support for Google Cast >>

* Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Becoming… Normal? >>
* Accenture sees nearly half of cars autonomous in 25 years >>
* Google Play will suggest neglected apps for you to uninstall >>

* Log in to your Windows 10 PC with your fitness tracker >>
* Double Robotics turns its telepresence robot into a VR rig >>
* Microsoft to open Windows Holographic to virtual reality vendors >>

* World’s First Live Smartphone VR Camera Revealed >>
* Reborn with AI >>
* Now robots can have KIDS: Researchers create machines that ‘mate’ over wifi to create a 3D printed baby >>

* Microsoft and Facebook plan to lay internet cable under the sea >>
* Giant space factories and orbiting solar panels to provide all of our power: Jeff Bezos >>
* Without vacuum, nanocars become ‘speed bumps’ >>

* Schrödinger’s cat just got another box >>
* iRobot Roomba 980; You can control this Roomba even if you’re not home >>

* Tech superstars at Code Conference 2016 >>

* The promise and growing pains of social VR >>
* Universal cancer vaccine on horizon after genetic breakthrough >>
* Multiple sclerosis can be caused by genetic mutation, say scientists >>

* EgyptAir crash: Black box signal detected by search teams >>
* Asteroids ‘dumped water into molten Moon’ >>
* Five in-home robots that could change your life >>

* Watch Sundar Pichai’s full interview at the Code Conference >>
* Google’s text messaging strategy: try everything >>
* Jeff Bezos: ‘I don’t want a Plan B for Earth’ >>

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