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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 June 2016

* A planet 1,200 light-years away is a good prospect for a habitable world >>
* Researchers want robots to feel pain >>
* DARPA $6.4M contract supports malaria research aimed at enhancing resilience >>

* Diabetes discovery could lead to more effective drugs >>
* Samsung Continues to Work on a Foldable Galaxy Smartphone >>
* These Single-Person Spaceship Ideas by Students Are Just Wild >>

* How to Build a Moral Robot >>
* Do We Want Robot Warriors to Decide Who Lives or Dies? >>
* Can We Trust Robots? >>

* Would You Trust a Robot Surgeon to Operate on You? >>
* Can You Program Ethics Into a Self-Driving Car? >>
* See The Difference One Year Makes In Artificial Intelligence >>

* Crapbots: How Fake #AI and not-so-deep Learning Could Stunt the Bot Revolution >>
* How The Technology Executive Role Will Change By 2020 >>
* Will Batteries Ever Get Better? And What To Do Until Then? >>

* Intel Launches Its First 10-Core Desktop CPU With Broadwell-E >>
* Intel’s new 10-core Core i7 Extreme Edition costs a whopping $1,723 >>
* BBC’s $22 computer is now available to everyone >>

* How to Find Platinum on the Side of the Road >>
* Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation >>
* Intel sees connected car future in Itseez >>

* Navy Lasers, Railgun and Hypervelocity Projectile are each game changers but combined will be a revolution >>
* Spectacular Imagery Showcases Spacex >>
* Climate Change Is Real and This Chart Proves It >>

* “Alien Worlds of Endless Oceans” –Kepler Reveals Planets Unlike Anything in Our Solar System >>
* Alien Minds Part Ii: Do Aliens Think Big Brains Are Sexy Too? >>
* Bigelow Module Expanded On Space Station | Highlight Video >>

* NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Could Study Planet 9 >>
* When a Robot Books Your Airline Ticket >>
* The smart tampon that can give you a monthly checkup >>

* Dog Intelligence and What It Can Tell Us about Our Own Intelligence >>
* Blood Test Quickly Detects Tb In Cows >>
* Google plans to replace smartphone passwords with trust scores >>

* Russia is ready for its own Hyperloop: £8billion project >>
* Technology separates landing aircraft by time instead of distance cuts hold ups by 60% >>
* Microsoft starts venture fund targeting cloud, AI >>

* An exoplanet 1,200 light years away might be capable of sustaining life >>
* Volvo’s first self-driving car has a big edge over the competition — and it’s coming sooner than you think >>
* Airbus Unveils Thor, Their Fully 3D Printed Unmanned Test Aircraft >>

* Intel says its next generation of PC chips will arrive this year >>
* Xbox VR Rumours Continue to Mount as Official E3 Site Chips in >>
* HoloLens’ First Ever Update Provides ‘Much Needed Fixes’ >>

* The Defense Department Wants Your Ideas For A Military Space Plane >>
* Intel knows it’s no longer inside >>

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