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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 May 2016

* NASA Hits Snag While Inflating Space Station’s New BEAM Habitat >>
* The Dark ‘Fifth Force’ of the Universe –“It’s Totally Beyond Anything We Understand” >>
* Scientists have a new theory on what makes up dark matter >>

* Vulcan-1! Students Successfully Launch Rocket With Fully 3D Printed Engine >>
* Carnegie Mellon University Research Finds Flaws in 3D Printed Titanium >>

* German boffins smash records with 37km wireless spurt at 6Gbp >>
* The First Flexible Screen Might Come From An Unknown Company >>
* It’s official: We now get most of our news from social media >>

* Machine Learning’s Next Trick Will Transform How Research Is Done >>
* Why Education Does Not Fix Poverty >>
* Bilayer Graphene Quantum Tunneling transistors are ultralow power and could achieve 100 gigahertz operations >>

* Finding the Perfect Blend of Full and Half Duplex for Future Cell Phone Networks >>
* Tesla Reveals Its Crowdsourced Autopilot Data >>
* A Simple Software Update Lets Any Smartphone Detect Squeezes and Forceful Touches >>

* Africa Faces Hotter Future >>
* See-through brains reveal memory pathways for pleasure and fear >>
* Whatever Happened to Advanced Biofuels? >>

* The future of Microsoft and Nokia >>
* Since 2014, 60K Chinese workers have been replaced by robots at Foxconn >>

* NASA’s New Inflatable Space House Failed and Nobody Knows Why >>
* A New Algorithm Could Help Warn Of Incoming Tsunamis >>
* You Can Absolutely Be Identified Just By How You Drive >>

* This Is How Hot The Arctic Is Right Now >>
* Is Technology Out to Get Us? (Or Out to Save Us?) >>
* Microsoft and Facebook building giant cable across the Atlantic: 4,100-mile-long >>

* The future of warfare is coming, and it’s bringing lasers >>
* How to build an air conditioner in under 15 minutes >>
* Lasers Could Blast Astronauts to Mars, Protect Earth from Asteroids >>

* This 344-square-foot apartment in China can transform into 24 different rooms >>
* Where does intelligence come from? >>
* Google could replace some passwords with a ‘trust score” by the end of the year >>

* Common Infections Might Be Causing Alzheimer’s Disease >>
* The Time To Nuke Mars Is Now >>
* Why Do Tiny Fruit Flies Have Giant Sperm? >>

* Could A Road-Straddling Bus Really Ease Future Traffic Jams? >>
* ‘Black box’ no more: This system can spot the bias in those algorithms >>
* Smart thermostat market dials up the heat >>

* ISS experiment will investigate how pills dissolve in space >>
* MIT exploited heat to make the most efficient solar cell yet >>
* The Pirate Bay Sails Back To Its .ORG Domain >>

* Planet Eight Times Size of Jupiter Discovered Orbiting a Young Star –“Nixes Accepted Theory” >>
* The Black Hole Enigma –“Spacetime Physics Peer Beyond the Event Horizon” >>
* Watch SpaceX Launch a Rocket, and Try One of Its Trickiest Ocean Landings Yet >>

* How the Internet works: Submarine fibre, brains in jars, and coaxial cables >>
* Elevated Buses That Ride Right Over Traffic Might Be The Future Of Mass Transit >>
* Microsoft won PC but lost mobile, what now? >>

* A new theory is close to solving one of the greatest mysteries of how life began on Earth >>
* Tesla Model X Beats A Supercar In A Race… While Towing A 4,000 Pound Trailer >>
* Apple is Playing The Long Game With VR – And It May Work >>

* WorldViz Laughs Off Room-Scale VR, Introduces ‘Warehouse-Scale’ for Unreal & Unity >>

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