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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 May 2016

* Full scale Straddle bus has been built and tests in July >>
* An AI Wrote This Short Film—and It’s Surprisingly Entertaining >>
* The Hyperloop Is One Step Closer to a Full Scale Test Later This Year >>

* Donated organs kept ‘alive’ may ease the transplant shortage >>
* Google plans to bring password-free logins to Android apps by year-end >>
* Solar and Wind Energy From the Same Device >>

* Netflix Will Soon Be the Only Place to Find Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar Movies >>
* New A.I. Analyzes Facial Structure To See Who’s A Terrorist >>
* Next Spacex Launch Will Pave The Way For First Crewed Private Spaceflights >>

* World’s first 3D-printed office opens in Dubai >>
* AI ‘doctors’ will diagnose your X-rays >>
* Pepper the robot gets a job at Pizza Hut >>

* Latest ‘BigScreen’ Update Adds Vive Controllers, Offline Mode, and More >>
* Apple is reportedly building a Siri speaker to rival Amazon’s Echo >>

* Alien Life? Radiation May Erase Mars, Europa Fossils >>
* How Big Are Those Killer Asteroids? A Critic Says NASA Doesn’t Know. >>
* Spectroscopic system with chip-scale lasers cuts explosive detection time from minutes to microseconds >>

* Autonomous Vehicles Traveling in Convoys Will Run Into This Inevitable Tradeoff >>
* A Tiny Robot That Can Fly and, Amazingly, Rest >>
* Facebook just bought VR audio company Two Big Ears and is making their tech free to developers >>

* 1st Kid-Built Mini Satellite Launches from Space Station (Video) >>
* How I Designed a Practical Electric Plane for NASA >>
* “We Live in an Unstable Universe” –Physicists Open Door to Deepest Mysteries of the Cosmos >>

* Australia and DARPA making separate advances in vastly lower cost night vision technology >>
* Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago are Desperate for Software Engineers, says Job Search Firm >>
* 13,000 People Watched This Car Get A Parking Ticket Via Livestream >>

* Robots learn to cut through clutter >>
* ORNL laser method could dramatically reduce cost of carbon fiber polymer composites for lightweight and more energy efficient cars >>
* You Don’t Actually Own Your Data and Devices >>

* MacBook Pros Will Reportedly Get an OLED Touchscreen Above the Keyboard >>
* U.S. Lawmakers Want To Kill Nasa’s Mission To Send Astronauts To An Asteroid >>
* Pebble’s New Smartwatches Have a Fitness Obsession >>

* It Takes Just Four Minutes To Explain the Entire Universe >>
* First F-35s Arrive In Netherlands >>
* Researchers Try To Preemptively Imagine The Worst Things A.I. Could Do >>

* ChargePoint raises $50 million to charge more cars >>
* Do we really want to DIY our home automation? >>
* Things Have Gotten Much Worse Since An Inconvenient Truth >>

* 10 things you may have missed at Google I/O >>
* Microsoft tries its hand at a news bot with Rowe >>
* ‘Rocket League’ gets cross-network play for Xbox One and PC >>

* Vuze VR camera aims to give you high-end 360 video for only $800 >>
* UK court using VR to transport jurors to the scene of the crime >>
* Volkswagen pours $300 million into Gett’s ride hailing service >>

* Forget flying or driving, this bus lets you sleep from San Francisco to LA for $48 >>
* Miniature IoT sensor has five little superpowers >>
* Why AI is finally going mainstream >>

* Windows hardware demands are going up for first time in seven years >>
* Too Bad We Didn’t Find Aliens Before the Internet Was Invented >>
* Scientists discover a method for healing certain solar cells with intense light >>

* Hyperloop has Vibranium now, too >>
* NuTonomy raises $16M to make self-driving taxis a reality by 2018 >>
* Archaeologists Draft Ancient Chinese Beer Recipe >>

* Facebook auto-translates 200 million lines of text every day >>
* DuckieTV Tracks Your Favorite Shows, Automatically Downloads New Episodes >>
* Facebook Live video replays will highlight the best moments >>

* ZModo’s Pivot gives you 24/7 monitoring on the cheap >>
* Facebook enables Continuous Live Video to power puppycams and more >>
* Did Our Helpless Babies Make Humans So Smart? >>

* SpaceX is about to attempt another extremely difficult landing >>
* Google plans to eliminate passwords from Android >>
* NASA built a robot that looks like Iron Man — and it could one day help build colonies on Mars >>

* This Machine Spits Out Pills In A Whole New Way >>
* Balloon-in-a-Pill May Be New Weight-Loss Tool >>
* 360fly VR Camera Gets 4K Upgrade And Retail Release >>

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