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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 May 2016

* Moviegoers Reveal Emotions In The Air They Breathe >>
* Google plans to bring password-free logins to Android apps by year-end >>
* Who comes up with a $700 Wi-Fi-connected juicer? >>

* Cranky young sun could have kickstarted life on Earth >>
* Checklist of worst-case scenarios could help prepare for evil AI >>
* Plant-Based, the Beyond Burger Aims to Stand Sturdy Among Meat >>

* Microsoft wants you to share your 3D printer over your network >>
* Toyota is bringing back Dean Kamen’s stair-climbing wheelchair >>
* This robot suitcase will follow you (almost) anywhere >>

* Indian-led team of doctors develops technology to monitor cancer treatment >>
* Tooth loss linked to cognitive impairment, dementia >>
* Milky Way has 58 billion red dwarf stars, study finds >>

* New blood test diagnoses Alzheimer’s at initial stage >>
* New immune mechanism to protect from cancer identified >>
* Egypt is using a robot submarine to help search for debris from the crashed EgyptAir flight >>

* Solid state RF technology enables cheap and portable battery and solar powered microwave >>
* Who knew a rock-sorting robot could be so mesmerizing? >>
* The Oracle-Google Case Will Decide the Future of Software >>

* Carnigie Mellon will host its first Neurohackathon to solve human brain research goals >>
* Will China’s Super Collider Reveal Unknowns of the Universe? >>
* Brewing Life On Earth – Violent Sun, Weak Shielding May Have Contributed >>

* Ancient Solar Superflare Suggests Risks for Mars Missions >>
* India’s 1st Mini ‘Space Shuttle’ Test Launch in Pictures >>
* Transparent and flexible high-performance supercapacitors based on single-walled carbon nanotube films >>

* Why China’s Wind Energy Underperforms >>
* Inside a Daya Bay Antineutrino Detector >>
* Review: See the Future Through Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented-Reality Glasses >>

* Gene helps prevent heart attack, stroke; may also block effects of aging >>
* What Would Happen If All The Fuel On Earth Were Burned? >>
* Space Station Inflatable Habitat Will Get Blown Up On Thursday >>

* Astronomers Might Have Just Solved a Key Mystery About the Origin of Life >>
* india just launched a mini-space shuttle >>

* A Virtual Walk On The Martian Surface >>
* The world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle will cost you €50,000 >>

* Science Creates Wine That Doesn’t Need Grapes. Thousands Cheer. >>
* Facebook Live lets you skip to the good part >>
* What Makes Some Forms Of Cancer Inoperable? >>

* The Strongest Gravitational Show In The Universe >>
* Cat treats and the secret to livestreaming success >>
* ‘Smart shoes’ replace maps >>

* Graphene De-icer Adds A Skill For Milder Weather >>
* This New Method Generates Truly Random Numbers >>

* Second ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer Reveals Starship Enterprise In Peril >>
* The Aliens Are Back in a Huge New Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence >>
* Someone Recreated A ‘Star Wars’ Chase Scene With Drones And It Is So Cool >>

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