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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 May 2016

* Japanese Startup Will Use Science And Satellites To Create Artificial Meteor Showers >>
* Watch NASA inflate the space station’s expandable habitat >>

* Is the World Ready for Synthetic Life? Scientists Plan to Create Whole Genomes >>
* Pepper the robot is getting Android compatibility and a San Francisco home >>
* New Evidence Could Overthrow the Standard View of Quantum Mechanics >>

* Google Maps Driving Mode Is Your Essential In-Car AI >>
* America’s First Asteroid Sampling Mission Osiris-rex Arrives At Florida Launch Base >>
* A hundred super ground penetrator bombs might be needed to reach deep bunkers using superconcrete >>

* Bill Gates and Neal Stephenson drive into the future in a Tesla in VR >>
* 6 big changes coming to Android phones >>

* Oculus Kills App That Let Vive Owners Play Rift Exclusives >>
* This Is How You Transport a 65,000-Pound Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Through a Crowded City >>
* IBM Looks To Watson To Fight Online Criminals And Filter The Flood Of Security Data >>

* Will utilities will drive IoT security market growth? >>
* Worried About Artificial Intelligence? What About the Disruptive Potential of Artificial Bodies? >>

* Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services >>
* Researchers Generate Electricity Using Seawater and Sunlight >>
* Gillmor Gang: Rubber Room >>

* Meet The Japanese Entrepreneur-Scientist Planning to Bombard Earth With Artificial Meteors >>
* India to get new indigenously-built supercomputer next year >>
* ‘New form of light discovered’ >>

* Re-usable launch vehicle to take off at 9.30am on Monday >>
* The Presidential Election Has Already Cost $1 Billion >>

* The world economy is running on monetary fumes >>
* 47 new TV shows coming in the next year that just got announced >>
* Nasa And Australia Successfully Test A Hypersonic Rocket >>

* Where Is Top 10 IoT Processor List? >>
* MIT Creates Incredible 3D Printed Programmable Hair That Can Act as Sensors or Actuators >>

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