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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 May 2016

* IMAX plans to bring virtual reality into theaters >>
* Hubble Telescope Zooms In On Mars >>
* Automate Now? Robots, Jobs and Universal Basic Income A Public Debate >>

* A Wearable That Stops Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, and Other Habits >>
* Bilayer Graphene Could Usher in New Tunnel Transistor >>
* This device can turn any object in your house into a smart home controller >>

* Why Google’s fancy new AI assistant is just called ‘Google’ >>
* Google’s artificial intelligence is going in the wrong direction >>
* Spacex Calls In The Lawyers For 2018 Mars Shot >>

* Starry Station solves cost of providing high speed internet to the the last mile >>
* Google I/O 2016: A recap of everything you need to know >>
* Space Station has quadruple-glazed windows >>

* This Robot Uses Machine Learning to Take Care of Absent-Minded Humans >>
* Seen At 11: New Mask Could Make Users Masters Of Their Dreams >>

* This is a video of our future, and it’s scary as hell >>
* ‘Blade Runner’ Device Detects Emotions >>

* In the Latest Trailer for Star Trek Beyond, Fear of Death is What Will Keep Everyone Alive >>
* Artificial intelligence replaces physicists >>
* MIT Media Lab Founder: Biotech Will Grow Computers >>

* The Future And You–May 18, 2016 >>
* How To Make A Living When Robots Take Our Jobs >>
* Guaranteed Mirage Income? >>

* Soldiers can toss two cameras into a room and get a 3D map so they virtually scout before physically entering >>
* Google’s New Science Journal App Turns Your Android Phone Into a Lab Full of Sensors >>
* Watch These Robots Compete To Dig The Most Martian Soil >>

* How to Stop Facebook From Bringing Up Your Bad Memories >>
* Airbus has filed a patent for the world’s fastest helicopter >>
* Passlok Simplifies Email Encryption So Anyone Can Use It >>

* Google’s artificial intelligence chief says ‘we’re in an AI spring’ >>
* Google is bringing its futuristic gesture-sensing radar to actual products >>
* Google and Levis are releasing a smart denim jacket this year >>

* Google’s connected Levi’s jacket is coming out in 2017 >>
* Google’s ATAP is bringing its Project Soli radar sensor to smartwatches and speakers >>
* Fitbit pockets Coin to boost wearables functionality >>

* Imax Is Building VR Theaters — Here’s Why This Is A Huge Deal >>
* New Surveillance System May Let Cops Use All Of The Cameras >>
* Google is helping MIT update its programming language for kids >>

* YouTube is Google’s not-so-secret weapon in the VR wars >>
* Flying Mini Robots Can Cling to Your Window [Video] >>
* New Solar Plants Generate Floating Green Power >>

* Stay safe: Millions of LinkedIn users told to change password >>
* How to find out what’s slowing your Wi-Fi >>
* Google patents ‘Pedestrian Glue’ for self-driving cars >>

* ‘Sunscreen gene’ may help protect against skin cancer >>
* Robo-bee: miniature robot perches like an insect >>
* How the Hidden Mathematics of Living Cells Could Help Us Decipher the Brain >>

* Google’s Making Its Own Chips Now. Time for Intel to Freak Out >>
* Apple just revealed the future of its retail stores >>
* Inside Vicarious, the Secretive AI Startup Bringing Imagination to Computers >>

* Tiny robot bees can now land anywhere thanks to static electricity >>
* Enigma! –“Large Group of Stars are Dying Prematurely in M4 Cluster” >>
* A VR Joyride Through Space: Trying ‘Elite Dangerous’ >>

* Orbital Atk Proposes Man-tended Lunar-orbit Outpost By 2020 For Link Up With Nasa’s Orion >>
* Smart Dampener Moves Tennis Motion Sensors Closer to the Action >>
* Unusual Alloy Brings Magnesium-ion Batteries Closer >>

* Nuclear Fusion comany Tri-alpha Energy has raised $500 million to make a prototype reactor in the 2020s >>
* Otto Self-Driving Truck Company Wants to Replace Teamsters >>

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