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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 May 2016

* Google to Introduce Its Voice-Activated Home Device >>
* Google Daydream, an ambitious VR plan with dedicated hardware and Android integration >>
* IBM scientists achieve storage-memory breakthrough with PCM >>

* Google Showcases Android N At I/O 2016 >>
* Android Wear 2.0 Will Free Your Watch From Your Phone >>
* How to watch Google I/O 2016 >>
* Google Launches Its Own Ride-sharing Pilot Project >>

* Facebook shows its first video from its 360-degree camera rig >>
* Amazon Is Opening More Physical Bookstores >>
* The future is voice, says Chocolate Factory >>

* Just The Good Stuff From Today’s Google I/O Keynote >>
* Google Isn’t Launching a Standalone VR Headset… Yet >>
* Watch An AI Learn How To Play ‘Super Mario World’ By Continuously Failing >>

* “We Can Now Send Light Signals Across the Universe” –Huge Implications in Search for Alien Intelligence >>
* Elementary School Built Cubesat Launched From Space Station >>

* Nvidia brings its Grid virtual desktop to the masses >>
* A Pill That Monitors Your Vital Signs >>
* Acura’s new autonomous test car to lead to automated driving by 2020 >>

* EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone hardware >>
* Readers’ Turn: The Inventions That Mattered Most >>
* Google Announces Daydream To Bring Better Virtual Reality To Smartphones >>

* ‘Headscan’ Could Alert Doctor If You’re Depressed >>
* The future of computing will be ambient and invisible >>
* Springtime for AI: The Rise of Deep Learning >>

* Genome Reveals Why Giraffes Have Long Necks >>
* UPS teams with SAP to invest in 3-D printing >>
* Repeated Brain Radiation No Safer Than 1-dose Therapy >>

* Scientists are growing real space veggies >>
* Lessons from a solar startup’s failure >>
* Google to show off animated VR short at I/O >>

* Google’s new gigapixel camera captures every paint stroke in famous artwork >>
* Australia Engineers Set New Solar Energy World Record With 34.5% Sunlight To Energy Efficiency >>

* Spiral Zipper Creates Robot Arm Out of a Strip of Plastic >>
* Autonomous Mini Rally Car Teaches Itself to Powerslide >>
* Here’s What A Robot Learned After Binge-Reading Romance Novels >>

* Billion dollar startup Otto developing $30,000 self driving kit to retrofit freight trucks >>
* Undersea warfare gamechangers – China building upgraded SOSUS and US upgrading sensor and fielding network of undersea robots >>

* I/O: Building the next evolution of Google >>
* Google brings Android Pay to ATMs, Chrome and more apps >>
* Android Instant Apps Sounds Insanely Useful >>
* Google Cast and Android TV are coming to even more screens >>

* Machine learning outperforms physicists in experiment >>
* Rapid eye movement sleep (dreaming) shown necessary for memory formation >>
* Next Step in Flexible Electronics: Self-Healing Dielectrics >>

* MinXSS CubeSat deployed from ISS to study sun’s soft X-rays >>
* $1 billion Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission directly measuring interface of Earth’s magnetic field with interplanetary field >>
* Ray Kurzweil looks boldly into the future at 2016 Tech Leadership Conference >>

* The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy >>
* Can We Talk to E.T.? Workshop Mulls Alien Intelligence >>
* Friendly Giants Have Cozy Habitable Zones Too >>

* DARPA demo day highlights exoskeletons, robotic arms and nanotechnology >>
* Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming—Here’s Why They Make Sense >>
* IBM reliably stores 3 bits per data cell in phase change memory >>

* Live from the Google I/O 2016 keynote >>
* Android N gets enhanced VR functions with Daydream >>
* Google Assistant Is a Mega AI Bot That Wants To Be Absoutely Everywhere >>
* Google Home Is the Potential Nail In Amazon Echo’s Coffin >>

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