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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 May 2016

* Scientists Hold Secret Meeting to Consider Creating a Synthetic Human Genome >>
* ‘Android VR’ confirmed by Google developer site >>
* MIT’s tiny robot operates on your stomach from the inside >>

* NASA Wants to Build a Magnetic Force Field and a Deep Sleep Chamber For Astronauts on Mars >>
* Can Our Bodies Handle the Hyperloop? >>
* Is technology becoming less disruptive? >>

* Google to pay Arizona folks $20 an hour to ‘drive’ its self-driving cars >>
* Disney Research uses RFID tags for low-cost interactive games >>
* Ibm Creates A Molecule That Could Destroy All Viruses >>

* Machines Deciding What We See Online: How AI Is Changing The Web >>
* New Hyperloop model shown by MIT >>

* Pfizer Says Its Drugs Cannot Be Used For Lethal Injections >>
* Infrared Radiation Can Fine-tune The Taste Of Whiskey >>
* Google open-sources natural language understanding tools >>

* NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s New Chief Has Big Plans for Space Robots >>
* Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm >>

* A robot with human-like grace and precision >>
* Russia plans to deploy 24 hypersonic Yu-71 missiles by 2025 >>
* Army fast tracking active protection to detect and destroy rocket propelled grenades and antitank missiles in milliseconds >>

* The Incredible Physics of the Hyperloop >>
* Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Near First U.S. Deployment >>
* Nasa Invests In Suspended Animation, Growable Space Habitats, And More >>

* Iarpa Releases Its Shopping List For Spy Technology >>
* The importance of black boxes in an autonomous automotive future >>
* Who Will Own Your Data If the Tech Bubble Bursts? >>

* How to bring picture-in-picture mode to YouTube on your PC >>
* Experts Held a Secret Meeting to Consider Building a Human Genome From Scratch >>
* Talking Tech: Can Hyperloop be a reality? >>

* Scientists identify protein to treat miscarriages >>
* Rare blue galaxy may shed new light on Big Bang >>
* Ibm Creates Chemical That Can Destroy Zika, Ebola, And Influenza: Supercomputer To Help Put It Into Soap >>

* There’s a resort in Thailand that features ocean views and private balcony pools for less than $100 a night >>
* Robots could make poor people stay poor >>
* New Self-healing Bio-glass May Be Used As 3d Printed Cartilage Replacements >>

* The Age of Awesomeness: Amazing Developments and Discoveries >>
* Video Friday: Soft Robot Challenge, Marshmallow Automation, and Dancing Hubo >>

* RF-Only Logic Makes RFID Tags Tinier >>
* HRL receives DARPA award to STAMP learning into the brain with accelerated learning from low current brain stimulation >>
* Nanofins Make a Better Hologram >>

* Building Myanmar’s First Mobile Network From The Ground Up >>
* Boeing ‘Starliner’ Test Article Literally Coming Together >>

* NASA Probes Earth’s Space Environment –“Observes Fundamental Process of Nature for 1st Time” >>
* Amazing Time-lapse Shows Recovered Spacex Falcon 9 Moving To Land After Port Canaveral Arrival >>

* New Digital Face Manipulation Means You Can’t Trust Video Anymore >>
* Head transplant ops ‘will work’… but the side effects could be the worst form of insanity ever experienced by a human >>

* Google I/O 2016 >>
* Avian adventures >>
* Hyundai’s New Transportation Exoskeleton is Less Iron Man and More Aliens >>

* America’s Most Common Drug Ingredient Could Be Making You Less Empathetic >>
* Watch This Remotely-Operated Robot Thread A Needle >>
* Samsung Thinks It Can Make Smartwatches Useful By Projecting Onto Your Hand >>

* BMW to launch iNext autonomous car in 2021 >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>
* Google: How our robot army could conquer warehouses >>

* Samsung’s Global VP of Research Reveals his SixthSense Invention Coming to ‘Gear’ >>

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