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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 May 2016

* The Excellent Dark Sky Weather App Finally Makes Its Way to Android >>
* Why We Don’t Crash Our Cars While Daydreaming and Driving >>
* Cancer Cells Escape When They Block This Gene >>

* Verizon Files Patent For Virtual Reality Phone System >>
* 5G Researchers Set New World Record For Spectrum Efficiency >>

* Six Creative Ways to Solve Biomedicine’s Big Data Problem >>
* Microspines Make It Easy for Drones to Perch on Walls and Ceilings >>

* Scientists discuss how we can survive the end of the world >>
* What Is the Limit to How Far We Can Travel in Space? >>
* Gene Editing Makes Cows Without Horns >>

* MIT Wants You to Swallow This Robot Pill to Retrieve Other Crap You’ve Swallowed >>
* Darpa Wants To Transform Chemical War Sites Into Fertile Soil >>
* Nasa’s Orion Spacecraft Doesn’t Crack Under Pressure >>

* Meet Google’s Secret Weapon For Understanding Language: ‘parsey Mcparseface” >>
* Scientists Find Gut Microbe That Survives Without Mitochondria >>

* Touch is the sense we understand the least – but maybe not for much longer >>
* China will unveil a 100 petaflop supercomputer next month after investing $500 million to develop domestic chips after US ban on Intel Xeon exports to China >>
* Your smartphone and tablet may be making you ADHD-like >>

* A Major Mystery About Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Just Been Solved >>
* Disney’s New Telepresence Robot Is So Precise it Can Be Used to Thread a Needle >>
* This AI-Powered Camera App Picks Your Very Best Photos >>

* How The Meaning Of Cancer Has Changed >>
* This Lunar Ice Drill Will Bore Through the Moon’s South Pole in 2020 >>
* Tiny Debris Chipped A Window On The Space Station >>

* As Boeing Slips, Spacex Will Likely Be First Company To Carry Astronauts >>
* The World’s Fastest Elevator Will Zoom Up the Shanghai Tower at 45 MPH >>
* The Excellent Dark Sky Weather App Finally Makes Its Way to Android >>

* China’s Space Station Plans In Powerpoint: A Closer Look At Tiangong 3 >>
* The First Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer Needs You to Take a Leap of Faith >>

* Ibm Watson Thinks I’m Cooler Than I Really Am >>
* Hyperloop Motor Tested For The First Time In The Nevada Desert >>
* BMW’s autonomous luxury car will launch in 2021 >>

* Clarifying the uses of artificial intelligence in the enterprise >>
* Cisco report finds hidden costs of delivering IoT services >>
* Disney’s remote control robots move just like people >>

* The sorry state of IoT security (part two) >>
* The Best Industries for Job Benefits >>
* IBM developed a ‘magic bullet’ to combat viral infections >>

* Dark Sky’s ‘scarily precise’ weather forecasts are finally on Android >>
* After smashing two Atoms, Intel sees mobile future in atomic research >>
* How Even Research That Sounds Silly Has Value >>

* Imagine The Future Of Consumer Products With Cognitive Computing >>
* The Roll helps you find the best photos on your phone >>

* Artificial Intelligence for the Next War >>
* See what IoT movers and shakers are looking at this week >>
* The race to the moon is underway as Astrobotic raises $2.5 million >>

* New Siri sibling Viv may be next step in AI evolution >>
* Virtual Reality Jobs Jump In The Job Market >>
* Advanced Research Projects from DARPA’s Pentagon Demo Day >>

* Voices: Take me out to the VR may be MLB’s new theme >>
* European company ATOS targets exaflop supercomputer by 2020 >>
* New device could improve cancer detection >>

* Toward genome editing and a lot of cured diseases at Editas and other genetic companies >>
* Japan will have a 25 petaFLOP supercomputer operating in December 2016 >>
* Altering a robot’s gender and social roles may be a screen change away >>

* Embedded fuel cells power smartphones for a week… and could run the world >>
* “Two-Million-Years Ago Our Milky Way Galaxy Experienced a Titanic Explosion” >>

* Scientists Baffled: Oxygen in Ancient Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Close to Today’s >>
* Ancient Six-Billion-Year-Old Star System Revealed Harboring Odd Planets >>
* Hydrogen dope d graphene can make graphene magnetic for a material to enable spintronic devices >>

* The Personal Factory Is Here—and It Will Bring a Wild New Era of Invention >>
* Rare Faint – Blue Galaxy Yields Clues to the Big Bang >>
* It’s Official: Season Two of Supergirl Will Be on the CW >>

* Darpa Wants To Transform Chemical War Sites Into Fertile Soil >>
* This $6,000 smart fridge isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds >>
* Google seeking testers for self-driving cars in Ariz. >>

* Apple drops to No. 2 behind this company >>
* Hitman Go looks amazing on Gear VR, but it’s exhausting >>

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