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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 May 2016

* NASA Confirms New Techniques Yields 1,284 New Kepler Exoplanets -“Total Now > 2,300” >>
* Swarm Intelligence wins $11,000 after predicting Kentucky Derby’s first 4 finishers >>
* How the Brain Processes Images >>

* Animation shows how global warming is spiraling out of control >>
* Never regret a tattoo again with Ephemeral >>
* Bee loss worsens as 44 percent of US colonies disappear over last year >>

* Fujitsu’s AI can help catch criminals on the run >>
* Darpa is building acoustic gps for submarines >>
* Your New Home: Ready to See Now, via Virtual Reality >>

* Oxygen Detected In Martian Atmosphere >>
* Facebook Built New Software For Cities To Get Internet >>
* UpScored launches job-matching platform for applicants and employers >>

* The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality >>
* By the year 2040, embryo selection could replace sex as the way most of us make babies >>
* India has plans to spend $6 billion on reforesting the country >>

* Goopy dark matter could slow down inflation of the universe >>
* How we found them: Inside a giant gravitational wave detector >>

* This remote-controlled camera that sticks to walls could replace selfie sticks >>
* Google and Oracle are back in court, re-fighting the $9 billion Android trial >>
* Here’s a simple way to connect with anyone in minutes >>

* IBMs Watson is going to cybersecurity school >>
* Samsung Just Made It Easier Than Ever to Misplace 256GB of Data >>
* Even Tiny Apartments Have Room For This Collapsable Sauna >>

* Get the Newest Version of Windows Forever with Windows Insider >>
* IMAX’s laser projectors are worth the pricier ticket >>
* Why You Should Be Glad That Quadrotors Have Learned to Dodge Swords >>

* We’re One Step Closer to Better Tabletop Particle Accelerators >>
* 10 Cool Special Effects Scenes in Movies That Didn’t Use CGI >>
* Amazon’s smart home universe: Which Alexa-enabled device is right for you? >>

* FileMaker 15 launches with support for Apple’s latest hardware features >>
* Deep Learning Apps Dominate NVIDIA GTC 2016 >>

* Autonomous Cars And The Automation Of Everything >>
* What Does AI Have To Do With Marketing? >>
* NASA films Mercury crossing the sun’s surface >>

* Mercury’s Rare Road Trip >>
* Godless Universe: A Physicist Searches for Meaning in Nature >>
* Oracle, Google clash in court with all-star witness list >>

* The Hyperloop race is on >>
* Scientists develop tiny molecular motors that work in tandem >>
* New artificial skin to smooth out wrinkles, deliver drugs >>

* Air on young Earth weighed less than half of today’s: Researchers >>
* How Scientists Are Hacking Biology to Build at the Molecular Scale >>

* GameChangers – Automation and Artificial Intelligence >>
* calls for ‘full disclosure’ in artificial intelligence after students learn TA is a bot >>
* HyperCells: The Self-Assembling Cells Of The Future >>

* Viv is the intelligent interface for everything >>
* Kepler Mission Announces –“New Small Planet Discoveries in Habitable Zone >>
* Clusters of Life Could Spread Through the Milky Way Like an Epidemic >>

* SpaceX’s ‘Hottest and Fastest Landing Yet’ – 3 Different Angles | Video >>
* “Search for Extraterrestrial Life is at a Tipping Point” –NASA Astrobiology >>
* Spacex Maiden Falcon Heavy Launch May Carry Satellite In November >>

* Stanford AI Grads Launch Low(ish)-Cost Underwater Robot >>
* 2-D Semiconductor Glows 20,000 Times as Brightly as Ever Before >>
* Hyperloop Tech is building a large test track, pods and other equipment and will be testing a 700+ mph hyperloop section by the end of 2016 >>

* For its next trick, Movpak’s electric skateboard backpack will consume all gadgets >>
* The Story Behind Creating the First HoloLens AR Games: ‘Young Conker’ and ‘Fragments’ >>
* EYSE is a Handheld Stereoscopic 3D Livestreaming Camera for Use with VR >>

* ‘Ghostbusters’ VR Experience Coming To New York From The Void >>
* Witness This Tornado’s Terrifying Power In Glorious 360 Video >>

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