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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 May 2016

* Robert Scoble: Life and Tech #48: A New Life >>
* WiFi capacity doubled at less than half the size >>
* Lillium: The Private Vtol Plane Of A Quieter Future >>

* China’s 1400 megawatt nuclear reactor design passes international safety review >>
* Gene Therapy’s First Out-and-Out Cure Is Here >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – May 6, 2016: Paul Reichert – Photography In Space! >>

* Building AI Is Hard—So Facebook Is Building AI That Builds AI >>
* Gillmor Gang: Verbal Agreement >>
* Meet the robot that pretends to listen >>

* Google is quietly making progress on one of its most jaw-dropping tech projects >>
* The next AI is no AI >>
* Bots, Messenger and the future of customer service >>
* Allergies induced by dust mites can harm DNA in lung cells >>

* Most Ancient Objects in the Universe Detected –“Their Nature Still Unknown” (Weekend Feature) >>
* New Tech Will Pin Down Earth’s Position in Space and Time >>
* SpaceX Lands Again! First Stage On Droneship Despite Extreme Velocities | Video >>

* Three Worlds for TRAPPIST-1 >>
* Two Andrews and an Algorithm Aim to Accelerate Drug Discovery >>
* Jet-Lag Sleep App is a Viable Way to Collect Big Data >>

* Israeli Startup’s Vision Device Can Help the Nearly-Blind Read and Recognize Faces >>
* GM and Lyft Will Test Driverless Taxi Service >>
* Bee model could be breakthrough for autonomous drone development >>

* A robot for ‘soft tissue’ surgery outperforms surgeons >>
* More evidence that you’re a mindless robot with no free will >>
* Seven Easy Ways Scientists Get Rid of Gravity For Experimentation >>

* A Tiny, Water-Powered Spacecraft Could Be the First to Mine Asteroids >>
* Wearable makers see huge potential in Chinese market >>
* Samsung Invents an HDTV that Could Bend Left or Right to Match Driving Action in Video Games >>

* Teach-U: VR uses virtual reality to let anyone learn piano or drums >>
* VR Party is a social DJ dance club for virtual reality >>
* This Disrupt hack brings hand-tracking to the Gear VR >>

* Why Can’t We Fire Electrons Across Space For Wireless Power? >>
* Researcher Writes A Machine Language For The Universe >>
* The Oracle-Google trial over Android starts Monday. >>

* Google’s AI Is Devouring Romance Novels >>
* Netflix Enables Streaming Quality Control To Reign In Mobile Data Usage >>
* Microsoft’s Windows Store for Business now sells apps in bulk >>

* Researchers create wild skin-touch interface for tiny smart watches >>
* Multitasking by Brain Wave >>
* The First Wave of VR Movies, Reviewed >>

* Quick $2 test reveals if you caught a superbug in hospital >>
* Lab Failures Turn to Gold in Search for New Materials >>
* Elon Musk is setting himself up for an epic failure >>

* Drone racing is becoming a hot new sport >>
* Google is smashing its worlds together in the race to win the cloud wars >>

* Scientists just discovered something surprising in the human brain — and it’s changing the way we understand language >>
* $79B Charter-Time Warner Cable deal approved >>

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