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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 May 2016

* Viv is the intelligent interface for everything >>
* MIT’s Invisible Second Skin Cream Makes Wrinkles Disappear >>
* People Are Making And Selling Counterfeit Jellyfish In China >>

* Researchers develop a drug-sniffing car that can pinpoint your stash >>
* Here’s the Smartest Drone Delivery Idea We’ve Seen Yet >>
* World War I Is A Totally Bizarre Setting For ‘Battlefield 1’ >>

* Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Picks Passive Levitation for Pods >>
* Everalbum to tackle all those smartphone photos >>
* Scientists peel back the carrot’s genetic secrets >>

* How to watch Mercury’s rare trek across the sun today >>
* No, Mercury Retrograde Will Not Mess Up Your Life >>

* HoloFlex flexible smartphone prototype puts holograms in your hands >>
* Beam wants to turn gaming streams wildly dynamic >>
* Computer Science Students Fooled By Artificially Intelligent TA >>

* Virtual reality gaming is more like the Wii than robust gaming >>
* Tech has more of an exclusion problem than a culture problem >>
* Opera’s launched an iOS app to expand its free, unlimited, ad-blocking VPN >>

* Watch a parachute rescue a drone in free fall >>
* Google is messing around with the color of its search results links >>
* Watch the First Passenger Train to Travel from Downtown LA to Santa Monica in 60 Years >>

* Watch a First Person Video of Disney’s New Tron Roller Coaster >>
* Recognizing Employees Is the Simplest Way to Improve Morale >>
* This Robot Can Open Your Pill Bottles For You >>

* Early Earth’s air may have been thinner than on Everest today >>
* A Removable ‘second Skin’ Could Cover Your Real One >>
* Webb Telescope Mirror Rises after Assembly >>

* Stain on your shirt? Technology launched to make it clean itself >>
* How to Build a Better Learner >>
* LA to SF in 30 min: the hyperloop wars are on >>

* Panama Papers affair widens as database goes online >>
* Digital skills ‘guard against job loss’ >>
* DeepMind has best privacy infrastructure for handling NHS data, says co-founder >>

* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Runs Doom At 200 FPS: Hype Versus Reality >>
* UPS is teaming up with a drone company to bring life-saving medicine to Rwanda >>

* Graphene Patterned at Room Temp >>
* 3D Virtual Reality Is the Best Storytelling Technology We’ve Ever Had >>
* A new superweapon in the fight against cancer >>

* This chat bot pretends to be you so you can keep up with your friends >>
* General atomics railgun has successful tests which will lead to army truck based railgun system >>
* A New Samsung Invention reveals a Smartphone Featuring an Extendable Display >>

* Images Of Today’s Transit Of Mercury From Around The World >>
* The Cosmos Gets a New Clock –“Accuracy Beyond a Single Second in 20 Billion Years” >>
* Mercury Transit 2016 Has Begun — Spacecraft View | Video >>

* China plans to build 20 floating nuclear powerplants for areas like the South China Sea >>
* The creators of Siri just showed off their next AI assistant, Viv, and it’s incredible >>

* Witness This Tornado’s Terrifying Power In Glorious 360 Video >>
* Viv, from Siri’s creators, is the virtual assistant of your dreams >>

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