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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 May 2016

* Gas delivery apps are new on-demand fad >>
* Next for dating apps –going on date with you >>
* 3D-printed buildings could help planet: Google’s Schmidt >>

* A Biotech Company Is Trying To Wake Up The Brain After Death >>
* Skull echoes could become the new passwords for augmented-reality glasses >>
* The Crazy Ways We’ll Soon Mine Old Gadgets for Treasure >>

* Autonomous Driving Experts Weigh 5G Cellular Network Against Dedicated Short Range Communications >>
* UAE performing design study of artificial mountain to increase rainfall >>

* Neuroscientists create ‘atlas’ showing how words are organised in the brain >>
* Embedded Vision Summit: Selfie With Beam-In >>
* Researchers Develop Dissolvable Memristor >>

* Smart Card Alliance forms new IoT security council >>
* Mega-trends In The Utilities Industry: Take Control Of Your Future, Part 1 >>
* How Companies Are Using Machine Learning to Get Faster and More Efficient >>

* Virtual reality: The Next Big Thing for college creatives >>
* Google Chrome passes Internet Explorer as most popular browser >>
* Hulu To Take On Cable With TV Bundle Packages >>

* How to use Venmo, the app that young people are using to replace cash >>
* Microsoft buys a tiny Italian startup to boost one of its biggest bets >>
* Oculus Rift to be sold at retail stores before preorder backlog cleared >>
* Rise in IoT pushes government agencies to rethink security >>

* Robot Spiders Weave Products from Plastic in a New Spin on 3-D Printing >>
* Stryker has 100 mix and match drills and attachments for their surgical robots >>
* Femtosecond clock synchronization for ultraprecise satellite formations, radio astronomy and military applications >>

* Google’s Project Wing Needs More Moonshot >>
* Why the Hell Is Delta Spending $50 Million on Bag-Tracking Technology? >>
* Extreme Heat Will Make Parts of the Middle East and Africa Uninhabitable by 2050 >>

* The World’s Tiniest Light-Powered Engines Could Revolutionize Medicine >>
* The four most important things to know about data governance >>
* Lab-Grown Meat Is In Your Future, and It May Be Healthier Than the Real Stuff >>

* Why VR Will Not Replace Movies >>
* India’s navy wants 100 technologies by 2031 including railguns, hypersonic weapons and lasers >>
* Too much, too young: Should schooling start at age 7? >>

* Radiation and immunotherapy combination can destroy both primary and secondary tumors >>
* Venture investments in new manufacturing technologies could reshape American industry >>
* Democracies end; when they are too democratic. >>

* Will SpaceX Get People to Mars Before NASA? >>
* Genes in Space Student Experiment Probes Astronaut DNA >>
* Perspectives on Cosmic Archaeology >>

* Astronomers discover potentially habitable planets just 40 light years from Earth >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Biotech Company To Attempt Revitalizing Nervous Systems of Brain-Dead Patients >>

* Researchers Unveil A Large-scale Exploration Of The Unseen World Inside The Space Station >>
* Xiaomi’s first smartwatch is made for kids >>
* The Sketch That Revolutionized DNA Sequencing >>

* A Redesigned Waterbed Makes You Feel Like You’re Floating on Air >>
* Google’s New VR Painting Tool Looks Unbelievable >>
* BigScreen will add user protection features to VR hangouts this week >>

* Why the future of video games may be free-to-play >>
* Intel’s new smartphone strategy is to quit >>
* Life’s too short for slow computers >>

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