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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 May 2016

* Next big thing for virtual reality: lasers in your eyes >>
* Curiosity’s First Visit To The Martian Dunes, In Visuals >>
* Three New Earth-sized Planets Found Just 40 Light-years Away >>

* Hulu is working on a live TV service for cord-cutters >>
* Qualcomm brings big brains to mobile devices with deep-learning tool >>
* Breast cancer: Scientists hail ‘milestone’ genetic find >>

* How Gaming Is Shaping the Future of Work >>
* What Brain Death is and Why it Matters >>
* The future of apps should be better apps >>

* Robotic X-Rays Make Racehorses’ Lives Much Easier >>
* Boiling Water Might Have Carved Mars’s Mysterious Dark Streaks >>
* Videorama makes editing mobile video actually fun >>

* 3-D Vision Makes Industrial Robots Friendly >>
* Game of bones: first Europeans’ shifting fortunes found in DNA >>
* How NASA’s Next Big Telescope Could Take Pictures of Another Earth >>

* Controlling Memories with Ultrasound >>
* Marissa Mayer and Yahoo: Doomed from the start? >>
* Phase II of ExoMars mission delayed to 2020 >>

* Europe and Russia delay ExoMars rover project to 2020 >>
* New drugs for aggressive prostate cancer ‘promising’ >>

* Galaxy Note 6 rumors hint at IR autofocus, USB-C connectivity, new Snapdragon SoC >>
* Google acquired a Toronto startup that could help spread Google Apps to more businesses >>
* Oracle is paying $532 million to snatch up another cloud service provider >>

* Citra Emulates 3DS Games In Full HD >>
* With AI Getting Better at Cognitive Abilities, Humans Will Have Even Fewer Jobs >>
* LG shows off a fingerprint reader that integrates into your phone’s front glass >>

* Researchers hack Samsung SmartThings, exposing vulnerabilities >>
* Widespread IoT adoption requires good user experience >>
* LG’s phone fingerprint sensor doesn’t need a button >>

* How drones could deliver better health >>
* The World’s Simplest Drone Has Just One Moving Part >>

* SpaceX adds Mars haulage to its price list >>
* Hoverboard flies over a mile and another inventor makes a homemade Hoverbike >>
* Spacex Falcon 9 launch payload increased by 173% to 22,800 kilograms >>

* Google DeepMind analyzing more UK medical data and providing predictive analytics services to hospitals >>
* Human Longevity Inc can use only DNA to accurately predict what you look and sound like >>

* Asteroid Bennu Could Be A 22nd Century Problem For Earth | Video >>
* 1 Star, 3 Exoplanets: The Potentially Habitable TRAPPIST-1 System in Images >>
* The Pocket-Sized Lab’s Killer App: Analyzing Illegal and Semi-Legal Drugs >>

* Composite fiber reinf entify shapes nearly as well as humans >>
* Best free video editing software: 2016’s top movie making applications >>

* How Gaming Is Shaping the Future of Work >>
* Zip Down the World’s Longest Tunnel Slide in London >>
* Qualcomm’s deep learning SDK will mean more AI on your smartphone >>

* Intelligent cars will be able to head off congestion problems before they happen. >>
* The real reasons nothing can ever go faster than light >>
* ‘Star Wars’ Dagobah: Experience 94 Minutes Of Peace And Quiet In This Dagobah Swamp >>

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