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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 May 2016

* This smart collar delivers dumb idea of giving your cat a human voice >>
* Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch, because of course they would >>
* Movidius Puts Neural Network on a USB Stick >>

* A jet-powered hoverboard just smashed a world record >>
* Virtual Reality, Unity & 3D Game Developer Bundle >>
* Samsung’s Artik is the perfect example of why IoT is confusing >>

* Google patents device that you inject into your eyeball >>
* Odd Oort Cloud Object –“Reveals Ancient Clues to Origin of Our Solar System” >>

* SpaceX releases 360-degree footage of the Falcon 9 sea landing >>
* A Rocket Launch In 360-degree Video Is Phenomenal >>
* Spacex plans to ramp up to weekly launches by 2019 and twice a week by 2021 >>

* Artificial Placenta Could Save Tiniest Premature Babies >>
* Samsung is Working on a Standalone Mobile VR HMD >>
* What Would Happen If Elon Musk Ran Apple? >>

* Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI will start outperforming humans in the next decade >>
* NASA and Spacex may land unmanned Red Dragon capsule on Mars in 2018 >>
* How Minecraft is helping children with autism make new friends >>

* By 2030 Electric Vehicles with a 200 mile range will be lower cost than the cheapest car sold in the US in 2015 >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 29, 2016: Dr. Michael Richmond >>
* Spectacular NASA Videos Reveal a Sun Storm in Jaw-Dropping 4K HD >>

* Could Earth’s Light Blue Color Be a Signature of Life? >>
* DNA Creates Tiniest Thermometer Yet >>
* Video Friday: iCub Does Yoga, Wooden Walking Robot, and Wind Tunnel for Drones >>

* Google founders say we will move from mobile first to an AI first world >>
* NASA and Spacex may land unmanned Red Dragon capsule on Mars in 2018 >>
* Just 1 minute of intense exercise produces health benefits similar to 50 minutes of moderate exercise >>

* Indium Tin Oxide Might Be the Material Photonics Has Been Waiting For >>
* A Mysterious Object From Earth’s Distant Past Has Returned >>
* Nasa Finally Has Touchscreen Simulators For Spacecraft >>

* The World’s Highest Waterfall Is So Majestic >>
* Report: A Weasel Shut Down the Large Hadron Collider >>
* 94 Minutes on Dagobah Is Basically a Relaxation Tape for Star Wars Nerds >>

* Are wearable cosmetics L’Oréal’s future? >>
* Girl-powered education, robot monks and more >>
* What It’s Like To Work With A Computer For A Boss >>

* Why Does Gravity Move At The Speed Of Light? >>
* The Mind-Boggling Scale of Mount Saint Helens’s Crater >>
* What Is Alzheimer’s Disease? >>

* Bill Gates is Creating VR Content, Bullish on Potential for Education >>
* Software Error Doomed Japanese Hitomi Spacecraft >>
* Puma’s got a tiny racing robot that can move as fast as Usain Bolt >>

* Revealed: Google AI has access to huge haul of NHS patient data >>
* Coma brain scans predict if a person will ever recover awareness >>
* Nasa knows about every eclipse in next 1,000 years >>

* Japanese engineers have built a super-efficient floating solar plant >>
* How SpaceX plans to land on Mars in 2018 using the most powerful rocket in the world >>
* Hackers’ $81 Million Sneak Attack on World Banking >>

* Scientists are working to make cows obsolete >>
* The iPhone was the product of the century. But what now for Apple? >>
* 3 ways AI could help save the planet >>

* Global smartphone shipments hit a turning point >>
* Now, heart cells from human skin >>
* Roaming within the EU has just become cheaper >>

* Roaming within the EU has just become cheaper >>
* Hear AI play Beethoven like The Beatles >>
* Tyfone and MIT partners in IoT security hack ridealong >>

* Windows 95 on an Apple Watch is wonderfully impractical >>
* DARPA funds $146 million for spaceplane demonstrator >>
* Finally, An Invention That Can Tell You What Your Cat Is Really Saying >>

* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>
* Fermi Links Neutrino Blast To Known Extragalactic Blazar >>

* NASA’s Inflatable Heat Shield Takes Vacuum Packing to a New Level >>
* This Traffic Cone-Collecting Machine Has Exactly One Job And It Is Very Good At It >>
* Cell transplant treats Parkinson’s in mice under control of designer drug >>

* From zero to 100mph in 1.2 seconds, the SuperDraco thruster delivers >>
* Robot doctors will ‘absolutely’ replace surgeons >>
* At CERN, eight-inch sensor chips from Infineon could reveal the mysteries of the universe >>

* Why image recognition is about to transform business >>
* Human Longevity Inc can use only DNA to accurately predict what you look and sound like >>
* DARPA holographic imaging so soldiers can ‘see’ around corners, behind walls >>

* Diet and other factors change the bacteria composition in our bodies which changes our health >>
* Optical Processing Pioneer wins Project with DARPA >>
* Supercopter demostrators will fly in 2017 >>

* Samsung app helps premature babies hear their mothers >>
* Scientists turn skin cells into heart and brain cells using only drugs — no stem cells required >>
* How Many People Have Ever Lived on Planet Earth? >>

* Facebook Adds Voice Calls, Text Messaging To Messenger For Android >>
* Samsung ‘Bedtime VR Stories’ might be the perfect remote parenting app >>
* Is smart tech “a solution looking for a problem?” >>

* This Microsoft legend says the the company is making bigger bets than ever before >>
* How an Italian doctor hopes to perform first human head transplant >>

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