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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 April 2016

* Watch A Guy Fly A Homemade Hoverbike Around His Backyard >>
* Samsung’s second gear vr may be a standalone wireless headset >>
* Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps arrive for Windows 10 >>

* Genetic Secrets to Youthful Looks Revealed >>
* Google CEO predicts AI-fueled future >>
* Gene therapy reverses sight loss and is long-lasting >>

* Sony Is On A Mission Impossible – Its Contact Lens Now Can Record and Play Videos Too ! >>
* Will lasers allow driverless cars to run dark? >>
* Movidius puts deep learning chip in a USB drive >>

* The Oceans Are Running Low on Oxygen >>
* How Did Neurons Evolve Their Current Behaviors? >>
* Report: Microsoft Announcing New Xbox Hardware At E3 >>

* First Rocket Blasts Off From Russia’s New $2.7bn Cosmodrome >>
* App Volume Control Lets You Change Your Phone’s Volume Per App >>
* Could a Cellular Tweak ‘Switch Off’ Gray Hair? >>

* Thumb PC uses Google software to give computer vision to robots and drones >>
* Nasa Says It Will Help Spacex With Mars 2018 Mission >>
* European space agency will use four larger ion thrusters >>
* Collaborative Robots >>

* World View lands $15 million Series B to bring new stratosphere-flying platform to life >>
* Global smartphone market shrinks, year over year >>
* HIV antibodies guarded monkeys from the disease for six months >>

* Dyson Launches New ‘Supersonic’ Hair Dryer To Revolutionize Hair Care >>
* Apple Pay now available to ANZ customers in Australian banking first >>
* This Laser System Foreshadows A New Era In Ground-Based Astronomy >>

* Philips’ Hue 2.0 app adds a host of new ‘smart’ features >>
* Google and Fiat Chrysler are reportedly partnering on autonomous cars >>
* SpaceVR has a new plan for filming virtual reality in space >>

* Stanford’s Humanoid Diving Robot Takes on Undersea Archaeology and Coral Reefs >>
* The Fight Over the .africa Domain Name >>
* By 2030 Electric Vehicles with a 200 mile range will be lower cost than the cheapest car sold in the US in 2015 >>

* Darpa’s Future Tank Will Think Its Way Out Of Fights >>
* Scientists Create Primitive Sperm From Skin Cells >>
* This homemade hoverbike is the future of personal aviation >>

* Creating a Prosthetic Hand That Can Feel >>
* Plasmonics Make Electrochromic Polymers Fast Enough for Video >>
* We Finally Know What Happened to Japan’s Lost Black Hole Satellite >>

* Zap! This Awesome Laser-Armed Telescope Is Fully Operational (Photos) >>
* Flying Boeing’s ‘Starliner’ – New Simulators Teaching Astronauts | Video >>
* Paris Police Want to Fly Drones Over Crowds to Make Everyone Safer >>

* Windows 10 update message interrupts live weather report >>
* Minecraft is now available on the Samsung Gear VR >>
* Microsoft Is Storing Data in 10 Million Strands of DNA >>

* Tesla claims $190/kwh cost for battery packs today >>
* China’s push for driverless cars accelerates >>
* Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence >>

* Comcast Is Raising Its Data Caps From 300GB To 1TB >>
* Mark Zuckerberg Gains $4 Billion To Become World’s Sixth Richest Person Ahead Of Larry Ellison >>
* Samsung Launches Cloud Service Just For The ‘Internet Of Things’ >>

* Users average 50 minutes per day on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram >>
* Apple needs a hot new product, and it can’t be another iPhone >>
* How Far Into The Future Are You Still Yourself? >>

* Could This Brain Circuit Curb Binge Drinking? >>
* High-tech brings its smarts to buildings >>
* Sony swings to $1.4 bn full-year profit as PlayStation sales soar >>

* German nuclear plant hit by computer viruses >>
* Google CEO’s vision for the future sounds a lot like Microsoft’s >>
* Self-driving trucks will hit the road more quickly than cars >>

* Armies of these 3D-printing spiders could someday build aeroplanes and ships >>
* Programmable Radio for Cellular, IoT Hub, Military & “Not-Yet-Thought-Of” Applications >>
* Mass surveillance silences minority opinions, according to study >>

* Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI will start outperforming humans in the next decade >>
* AltspaceVR Integrates With Slack For Private Meetings In Virtual Reality >>
* The secretive billionaire backed plans to harness fusion >>

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