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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 April 2016

* ‘VR LAN party’ software launches for free on Thursday >>
* Your smartphone could be covered with camera ‘eyeballs’ in a few years >>
* ‘Death ray’ could be used at Heathrow to shut down flying drones >>

* ‘Network-Ready’ Dimmable LED Lighting Offers More Energy Savings >>
* Dubai wants 25 per cent of its cars to be driverless >>
* Plants may form memories using mad cow disease proteins >>

* Bathing in blue light before surgery may prevent organ damage >>
* James Webb’s mirror is revealed >>
* Customize Your Virtual Home With Holos From TuringVR >>

* Roll-to-Roll Flexible Electronics to Hit 100GHZ? >>
* The future of TV is arriving faster than anyone predicted >>
* When the new guy’s a robot >>

* Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts solar industry dominance in 12 years >>
* Former Spacex Founding Member Is Starting A New Small Rockets Company >>
* German Texters Get Street Signals In The Sidewalk >>

* DARPA is developing smarter, faster armored vehicles >>
* Scientists Create New Quantum State Of Water By Squeezing It >>
* Future Smartphones Will Tell You What’s Killing Your Plants >>

* Ford, Volvo, Google, Lyft and Uber start coalition for self-driving cars >>
* China’s New Security Dalek Is A Bad Idea >>
* Alert: Plants May Have Memories >>

* Plexiglass Gel Boosts Nanowire Battery Lifespan >>
* New Exoskeleton is less than half the price and weight of competition >>
* Russian future PAK-DA stealth bomber will have hypersonic weapons when the first planes are delivered in 2023 >>

* Your Phone Costs Energy—Even Before You Turn It On >>
* Ultra Powerful Burst from a Huge Distant Galaxy “May Help Find Missing Matter of the Universe” >>
* 6 VR Talks To Watch For At Google I/O >>

* Sensors in body armor will enable safe full contact weapons-based martial art competition >>
* When will AI and NLP actually turn Siri into your best friend? >>
* What If the Robot Utopia Leads to an Existential Crisis for Humans? >>

* Zero Zero’s Camera Drone Could Be a Robot Command Center in the Future >>
* The GeoOrbital Wheel Lets You Make Your Bike Electric in Minutes >>
* The Search for a Better Battery >>

* How the Power to Control Objects With Our Minds Stopped Being Science Fiction >>
* It’s the End of the Job as We Know It >>
* The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs >>

* Physicists might soon be able to prove one of Stephen Hawking’s theories on black holes >>
* These copper-clad luxury apartment buildings — will gradually turn green over time >>
* Basic income is a great idea, but one justification will guarantee its failure >>

* You’ve Never Seen Insect Portraits Like These >>
* Creeps Are Using a Neural Network to Dox Porn Actresses >>
* Nokia to acquire digital health company Withings >>

* Seeing atoms and molecules in action with an electron éye’ >>
* Chernobyl’s Radioactive Ruins Get a New Tomb >>
* I’ve screened over 300 people in the last 4 months — there are 2 huge mistakes job applicants are making right now >>

* Canada Confirms First Sexually Transmitted Zika Case >>
* Introducing Hover, An AI-Powered Indoor-Safe Camera Drone >>
* Gene Helps Mice Live Longer If They Exercise >>

* Does Anybody Have An Oculus Rift Yet? >>
* Oculus Rift’s Shipment Woes Are A Huge Opportunity For Playstation VR >>

* The flying camera that lets you take selfies without a stick >>
* Will IoT change how we interact with mobile apps? >>
* Hover, a self-flying camera drone, lands $25M for better aerial shots >>

* Mobile will play a key role in IoT rollout: Forrester Research >>
* India mandates all smartphones must come with a panic button >>
* Why Facebook Messenger Is A Threat To Google, Not Apple >>

* What the Google I/O schedule tells us about the future of Android >>
* Einstein’s theory of relativity faces satellite test >>
* Where in the world? The toughest travel quiz ever >>

* ‘We could destroy you,’ Obama warns ‘erratic’ North Korean leader >>
* Apple Is About To Report Its Worst Quarter In 13 Years >>
* Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy >>
* Two of SpaceX’s founders are working on a new rocket to launch micro-satellites >>

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