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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 April 2016

* Gene therapy has been used to reverse shortening telomere aging marker by 20 years in a human beings white blood cells >>
* Earth Day 2016 >>
* A battery you never have to replace >>

* First autonomous car track day set for this May >>
* Doom will be AI’s next big gaming challenge >>
* How virtual tourism will help enhance real-world travel >>

* Dog Claimed World’s Oldest Dies at 30 >>
* Carriers Creep to Virtual Networks >>

* Ray Kurzweil looks at progress and the future of nanotech, genetics and robotics over ten years after the Singularity is Near >>
* Highlights of Ray Kurzweil Playboy Interview >>
* Artificial Intelligence Fights Wildlife Poaching >>

* This mirror creates a 3D scan of your body to track your fitness >>
* The US smart home market has been struggling — here’s how and market will take off >>
* People buy smart home products for this one main reason >>

* Google believes its superior AI will be the key to its future >>
* MIT uses 4D maps to help robot teams navigate moving obstacles >>
* Chip Tracks Cells By Giving Each One A Digital Code >>

* The automation revolution and the rise of the creative economy >>
* How to make the world’s fastest flexible silicon transistor >>
* Why Super ‘clean’ Mice Make Lousy Test Subjects >>

* IoT gets down and dirty in Australian smart sewers trial >>
* Microsoft’s Translator app gets image recognition on Android >>
* Is the $400 Billion F-35’s ‘Brain’ Broken? >>

* Researchers Accidentally Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer >>
* Find Out How Loud Your New Neighborhood Will Be Before You Move In >>
* Watch Out Spacex: China’s Space Start Up Industry Takes Flight >>

* How IoT security can benefit from machine learning >>
* Meet Brad, the AI interrogator: Virtual persona taught to tell when people are REALLY telling the truth >>

* Periods in Space Are Not That Different, Though a Bit More Complicated >>
* Lithium ion batteries could still enable an electric plane revolution >>
* Stanford Builds A Wind Tunnel For Birds And Drones >>

* Great Computers Never Die >>
* In Privacy Versus Security, End-to-End Encryption Is Definitely Winning >>
* When is making $20bn in three months not enough? When your name is Google’ >>

* New stronger steel will affordably make cars lighter and more fuel efficient >>
* Dawn Just Wants To Make All The Other Probes Look Bad >>
* Senate Bill Cuts Other NASA Programs to Fund SLS and Orion >>

* Violent Events in Milky Way Clusters of Massive Stars –“The Source of Rare Cosmic Rays” >>
* The Kepler Space Telescope Is Alive Again After Scaring the Hell Out of Everyone >>
* This Chatbot Is Like Having a Music Genius In Your Pocket >>

* Video: Leonardo Dicaprio Urges United Nations To Take Paris Climate Agreement Seriously >>
* The World’s Longest Rail Slide on Skis Feels Like It Goes on Forever >>
* Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer >>

* The Paris Climate Agreement Will Be Signed By More Than 150 Countries Today >>
* US Armed Services studying restart of F-22 stealth fighter production >>
* Join NASA for a #24Seven Celebration of Earth Day >>

* E.R. MEETS V.R. >>
* Elon Musk Is Working on Some Kind of Self-Driving Bus >>
* MIT creates a control algorithm for drone swarms >>

* Siri meets Apple’s recycling robot in new video — what could go wrong? Oh. >>
* Judge gene-edited crops by what they do, not how they are made >>
* First direct evidence of ancient Mars’s oxygen-rich atmosphere >>

* Tech Five: Microsoft, Alphabet shares tumble >>
* Artificial intelligence used to combat poaching >>
* IIST scientists set on cool research feat at its new Cold Atom Lab >>

* Facebook, Google campuses at risk of being flooded due to sea level rise >>
* This mega-yacht is a floating piece of family-friendly art >>
* Theory establishes a path to high-performance 2D semiconductor devices >>

* Tip your Uber driver >>
* NASA invests $67 million into solar electric propulsion for deep space exploration >>
* Don’t Run A 21st Century Business With 20th Century Phones >>

* Chinese Space Baby Research Lands In Mongolia >>
* 3d Systems Set To Show Off Their Industrial 3d Printing Tech As Part Of The Largest Hannover Messe 2016 Us Business Delegation >>
* Is Stonehenge a CEMETERY? >>

* Build Networks, Not Bots >>
* Technology Becomes Us: The Age of Human-Computer Interaction >>
* Scientists Closing in on Theory of Consciousness >>

* NASA seeks industry ideas for an advanced Mars satellite >>
* First gene therapy successful against human aging >>
* Orangutan from Borneo photographed using a spear tool to fish >>

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