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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 April 2016

* Elon Musk just hinted Tesla working on autonomous mass transit service for crowded cities >>
* This smartphone-sized device can diagnose cancer in 20 minutes >>
* First Blood Test For Parkinson’s Detects Disease Much Sooner >>

* Sleeping away from home? Half your brain is still awake >>
* The foundations of schizophrenia may be laid down in the womb >>
* How the FCC’s massive airwaves auction will change America — and your phone service >>

* These Crazy Robots Are 3D Printers That Build Together >>
* Opera Now Has a Totally Free and Unlimited Built-In VPN >>
* To the Moon! Lunar XPRIZE team looks to send Wikipedia to space on homemade rover >>

* Facebook Messenger gets group calling with up to 50 friends >>
* Scientists design fast, flexible transistor for wearables >>
* We Still Haven’t Found a Fountain of Youth in Our DNA >>

* Emdrive experiments showing thrust replication and superconducting, Cannae drive demo, May 2016 >>
* System Can ID You by Your Brainwaves With 100 Percent Accuracy >>

* Google is turning its search engine into a live TV guide >>
* 30 million U.S. homes could add smart tech over the next year >>
* The 50 games you can’t miss in 2016 >>

* Hubble Catches A Star Blowing A Bubble >>
* This Futuristic Ion Engine Could Carry Our Luggage To Mars >>

* Summer Movie Preview: 35 Movies to Watch Out For >>
* Airbus Wants Your Delivery Drone Designs >>
* How One Blind Marathon Runner Is Using Technology To Run Solo >>

* “Smart Homes?” Not Until They’re Less Dependent On The Internet >>
* New Nanowire Batteries Can Be Charged More Than 100,000 Times >>
* YouTube, Advanced Technology, And The “Billion-People Problem” >>

* Acer reveals new Predator gaming desktop, notebook and display >>
* What Chatbots Reveal About Our Own Shortcomings >>
* Meet the nanomachines that could drive a medical revolution >>

* Windows 10 Mobile preview lets you text from your PC >>
* The buzz of your skull can be used to tell exactly who you are >>

* Containing Chernobyl for the Next 100 Years >>
* We Need More Space Probes to Venus >>
* Half a degree extra warming would lead to catastrophic impacts >>

* Scientists unveil the ‘most clever CRISPR gadget’ so far >>
* UC Irvine invents nanowire battery material with off-the-charts charging capacity >>
* Hacking the Origins of Visible-and-Dark Matter >>

* What Are Cosmic Rays? >>
* Hologenomes –“Complex Microbial Communities Steer Human Evolution” >>
* A Two Million Year Old Explosion Is Raining Debris On Our Planet >>

* Sun-powered Solar Impulse resumes its round-the-world flight >>
* Flying selfie stick ready to upgrade your selfie game >>
* This Solar Power Plant Can Run All Night >>

* Magic Leap used Robert Scoble’s infamous Google Glass shower shot in its patent filings >>
* Ring Video Doorbell >>
* Mapping the unborn >>

* What’s virtual reality without a headset? >>
* Alphabet’s crazy moonshots are growing revenues faster than losses >>

* Antbo is an insect robot you can build >>
* IBM Layoff Epidemic Spreads Worldwide >>
* How To Land A Job Before Graduation >>

* This Kid Knows His Way Around a Deck of Cards >>
* Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 >>
* Prince remembered in Silicon Valley as innovator, advocate for Black youth >>

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