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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 April 2016

* A Giant Galaxy Orbiting Our Own Just Appeared Out of Nowhere >>
* Samsung just patented smart contact lenses with a built-in camera >>
* Facebook’s Jaw-Dropping Social VR Demo Really Is The Future >>

* We should be worried about job atomization, not job automation >>
* How Augmented and Virtual Realities Might Change Productivity Forever in the Next 10 Years >>
* Toyota wants to deploy 5,000 ‘talking’ cars to Michigan >>

* Google Fiber Wants To Beam Wireless Internet To Your Home >>
* ‘Smart’ Scalpel Could Distinguish Healthy Brain Tissue From Tumors >>
* Intel claims storage supremacy with swift 3D XPoint Optane drives, 1-petabyte 3D NAND >>

* New Remarkably Thin E-Skin Turns Your Body Into a Walking Display >>
* May 17-18th @ San Francisco: Experiential Technology and NeuroGaming Conference >>
* US fighter jets couldget a drone wingman: AI drones could take to skies in 2018 >>

* Researchers’ wireless leak detection system bound for International Space Station >>
* Wireless signals sent through meat prove our BODIES could soon connect to the web >>
* 18TB hard drives will be entering the market soon >>

* World’s Smallest Pacemaker >>
* Drone footage reveals full extent of Japan earthquake damage >>
* 3 Big Technologies To Watch Over Next Decade – Genomics, Nanotechnology and Robotics >>

* 8 Reasons You Need Voice Technology Now >>
* Colfax Ninja desktops roar with Intel’s 72-core Knights Landing supercomputing chip >>

* New implantable device may help shrink pancreatic tumours >>
* Photon Propulsion Could Launch Spacecraft To Mars In Days >>

* Pig pancreas transplant may help cure diabetes >>
* Research finds Zika ‘significantly changed’ since 1947 >>
* How deep-sea creatures survived dinosaur-killing asteroid >>

* Microsoft’s new bot ‘still learning’ >>
* The Apple Watch has been a failure >>
* Google Shopping sees huge growth in first quarter of 2016 >>

* ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron slams Sean Parker’s in-home theater streaming service >>
* Amazon has a plan to outsmart Netflix at releasing movies people want to see >>
* Microsoft’s new AI bot tries to put captions on images, some of the responses are hilarious >>

* The Ambiguity Of 3d Printing Liability, Or Who Is To Blame If A 3d Printed Part Fails >>
* This computer will grow your food in the future >>
* What really happens when you mix medications? >>

* Molotov is defining the future of TV >>
* Alien ‘Wow!’ Signal Could Be Explained After Almost 40 Years >>
* Race for Latest Class of Nuclear Arms Threatens to Revive Cold War >>

* Cow’s milk has vital prebiotic for a healthy baby’s microbiome >>
* Human Monogamy Has Deep Roots >>
* Your texts are not as secure as you think >>

* Sequel to most popular mirrorless camera is a step up >>
* Bible bombshell: 5 most incredible discoveries of the week >>

* Zuckerberg’s 10-year plan breaks with tech tradition of secrecy >>
* Calcium atom heat engine created and output measured >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through April 16) >>

* Turn your skin into a screen with a super-thin digital display >>
* The making of David Attenborough’s virtual reality tour of the Great Barrier Reef >>
* Chip used to restore use of paralyzed hands in spinal injured patient >>

* Space Station Gets Experimental New Room With Installation Of Beam Expandable Habitat >>
* Is Alpha Centauri The Best Place To Look For Aliens? >>
* Exomars Takes First Hi-res Image With The Lens Cap On >>

* This is how calls and texts look in virtual reality, via the HTC Vive >>
* MIT’s new bug finder uncovers flaws in Web apps in 64 seconds >>
* Scientists Build Smallest, Single Atom, Working Heat Engine >>

* World first: Japanese robot enrolls in high school >>
* New ‘Time Slice’ Theory Suggests You’re Not as Conscious as You Think You Are >>
* Human mind excels at quantum-physics computer game >>

* Stellar Echo Imaging of Exoplanets >>
* NASA NIAC project to place 3D printers on near earth asteroids >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Apr. 15, 2016: Dr. Howard Trottier >>

* No Breakthrough Yet: Stephen Hawking’s Interstellar ‘Starshot’ Faces Challenges >>
* Rocky Start for Wearables in Professional Sports Games >>

* Control Diy Projects With Your Mind >>
* Video Shot From Fighter Jets Will Melt Your Face >>
* The ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ is here >>

* The First Step Toward Alpha Centauri: Sailing To Mars >>
* IBM disrupts the Tour de France with IoT >>
* Solar powered bid to bring modernity to developing world >>

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