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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 April 2016

* Hand-Powered Wheelchair That Can Scoot Around Upright Is Brilliant >>
* CropX unveils new soil sensors >>
* SensorUp: IoT therapist for your dysfunctional device family >>

* Internet of pants? This ultrathin thread could make your clothes part of the IoT >>
* Peter Jackson says the next big revolution in movie viewing ‘is going to happen’ >>
* NASA NIAC project to place 3D printers on near earth asteroids >>

* SkinHaptics Uses Ultrasound to Generate Haptic Feedback Through Your Body >>
* IBM Watson Health is helping researchers solve a huge problem in the race to cure cancer >>
* 5G wireless networks will transform the industry – and wireless carriers are already racing to roll them out >>

* Sharp’s robot smartphone coming in May for $1,800 >>
* Why AI Should Augment, And Not Replace, Staff >>
* This Is How Spacex Unloads A 15-story Rocket Off A Drone Ship >>

* One-Step Process Could Lead to Roll-to-Roll Production of Touchscreen Displays >>
* Google unleashes TensorFlow 0.8 for your distributed machine learning needs >>
* British University Tests Drones That Scan For Evidence Of Landmines >>

* GE has a prototype 10 Megawatt supercritical CO2 turbine that is ten times smaller than the equivalent steam turbine >>
* VR live streamed surgery brings you straight to the operating room >>
* Windows 10’s Bash shell can run graphical Linux applications with this trick >>

* Facebook’s Aquila Drone Creates a Laser-net In the Sky >>
* The Minecraft Generation >>
* The world’s fastest convertible just did 265.6 mph >>

* How the brain produces consciousness in “time slices” >>
* Will We Prove That Autonomous Cars Are Safe Before They Go on Sale? >>
* CDC confirms Zika virus causes birth defects and the more that has been learned is scarier than initially thought >>

* Tesla, tech icons scramble for lithium as prices double >>
* Autonomous Weapons “Could Be Developed for Use Within Years,” Says Arms-Control Group >>
* Will Nanophotonics Save Solar Power Tech? >>

* High-power microwave cruise missile >>
* Automatica 2016 >>
* Nasa Discovers 72 New Asteroids Near Earth >>

* Space Treasures in the Rockies: Inside Lockheed Martin Spaceship Factory >>
* ESA’s ExoMars Spacecraft En Route to October Touchdown –“To Search for Active Geological and Biological Processes” >>
* A New Universe Will Open –“As We Get Closer to Threshold Where Cosmic Murmurs Begin to Be Heard” >>

* Google introduces Goals, so you can finally become a better person >>
* How to Launch a Rocket Into Space…and Then Land It on a Ship at Sea >>
* ‘Game Of Thrones’ Vr 360-degree Trailer Debuts At F8 2016 >>

* James Cameron Just Announced a Fifth Avatar Movie >>
* We Might Already Know When the New Star Trek TV Show Is Set >>
* Intel launches $250 kit to build robots with Kinect-like vision >>

* GoPro launches a Developer Program to make its cameras do more >>
* The Death Valley Super Bloom Is Incredible >>
* This $36 million penthouse would be the most expensive condo ever sold in Hawaii >>

* Deep in the virtual world: A newbie’s first brush with VR >>
* Facebook’s new gigabit Wi-Fi system >>

* Teens love Snapchat. Also Instagram. >>
* Facebook hires Google ‘moonshot’ exec for R&D >>
* Allumette taps into the raw emotion of virtual space >>

* Smart Homes Could Help Us Reach Previously Unheard of Levels of Laziness >>
* Light Weight Multifunctional Planetary Probe >>
* E-Glider: Active Electrostatic Flight for Airless Body Exploration >>

* Ultrasound Data Transmission Through Meat Is Fast Enough To Stream Movies >>
* This 3D-printed jacket wants to change how you shop >>

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