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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 April 2016

* Facebook’s Terragraph project aims to replace fiber with fast, low-cost Wi-Fi >>
* Chip, Implanted in Brain, Helps Paralyzed Man Regain Control of Hand >>
* Facebook will soon be able to automatically tag your friends in videos >>

* Meizu says Pro 6 is the world’s first 10-core smartphone >>
* Oculus demos a VR selfie stick and personalized avatars >>
* 5D Robotics Can Locate You To Within An Inch >>

* First evidence that sperm epigenetics affect the next generation >>
* Autonomous vehicles might have to be test-driven hundreds of years to demonstrate safety >>

* The new Amazon Kindle has a new look with even better features >>
* Facebook sees its future built on artificial intelligence >>
* NASA is funding asteroid spaceships and other far-out concepts >>

* New VR workflow for Adobe Premiere Pro highlights a slate of updates >>
* Virtual Showrooms: The Future of Homebuying is Now Reality >>
* Google introduces Goals, so you can finally become a better person >>

* Toyota’s concept for the next generation has a 3D-printed dash >>
* LSD May Chip Away at the Brain’s “Sense of Self” Network >>
* Scientists Finally Made Carbyne—a Material Stronger Than Graphene—That Lasts >>

* Facebook Messenger chief David Marcus on chatting with bots >>
* Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out a 10-year plan to connect the world >>
* Microsoft is teaming up with Facebook to push Windows 10’s app strategy >>

* Human cloning with Chinese characteristics >>
* New method may help detect gravitational waves >>
* Facebook just poached a key Google executive who used to work for DARPA >>

* Programmers are going crazy for free Google software that creates self-learning computers >>
* Sean Parker’s $250 Million Bet on Hacking the Immune System to Beat Cancer >>
* How we might hack biology and transform our bodies to live in space — permanently >>

* Hacking Gut Bacteria Could Be The Future Of Medicine >>
* NASA funds Direct Drive Fusion Propulsion >>
* NASA testing electric solar sail for near term propulsion 3-7 times faster than Pluto Express >>

* There will be a bot for everything >>
* Watch Google X Unleash an Awesome Two-Legged Robot on Tokyo >>
* Facebook Believes Messenger Will Anchor a Post-App Internet >>

* Neutrino Enigma –“Could Be Matter and Antimatter Simultaneously” >>
* ‘Starshot’ Interstellar Probes May Hunt for Alien Life Close to Home – See more at: >>
* Facebook Says It Has Found the Keys to Improving Both Urban and Rural Wireless Internet Connections >>

* Billionaire Yuri Milner is spending $100 million to prove laser pushed nanosails reach 5% of lightspeed >>
* Now There’s a Way Around Paralysis: “Neural Bypass” Links Brain to Hand >>
* Orion in Red and Blue >>

* Paralyzed Man Bypasses Arm Nerves to Move Hands With His Own Brain >>
* For The First Time, Scientists Restore Finger Movements In Paralyzed Man >>
* Facebook just made VR selfie sticks a thing >>

* Intel’s new hardware kits make it easier to build robots and drones >>
* Meizu’s 10-core phone gets a 10-LED camera flash >>

* Watch Nasa Attach An Inflatable Space Habitat To The Space Station >>
* Cancer Therapy: An Evolved Approach >>
* Humans Can Still Do One Thing Better Than AI >>

* Supermaterial Made From Seaweed Could Replace Bubble Wrap >>
* Laser-Powered Balls Can Haul Heavy Loads Across Water >>
* This Is Facebook’s Next Gadget To Blanket Every City In Wireless Internet >>

* Facebook Terragraph wants to give cities better Internet >>
* How To Use A Laser Pointer To Measure Tiny Things >>

* Prism-like Hairs Help This Ant Beat The Heat >>
* ‘Breakthrough Starshot’ aims to reach Alpha Centauri 20 years after launch >>
* Marvel’s ‘doctor Strange’ Looks Pretty Sick >>

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