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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 April 2016

* 20 Percent Light Speed To Alpha Centauri! Nanocraft Concept Unveiled | Video >>
* Why Go To Alpha Centauri? >>

* Facebook’s F8 event in less than 90 seconds >>
* Facebook’s Surround camera captures 360-degree video in 8K >>
* Facebook’s Account Kit signs you in with a phone number >>
* Facebook is Building Bots So You Can Talk to Companies In Messenger >>
* Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp combined see 3 times more messages than SMS >>
* Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicts VR headsets will look like glasses in a decade >>
* Facebook will now let any camera stream to Facebook Live, even a DJI drone >>
* Facebook’s Plan to Connect the World is Not Just Social; it’s Political >>

* In-flight Wi-Fi is about to get much faster >>
* Intel on the cheap: Chip maker ships $15 IoT developer board >>

* Could Satellite Messaging Startup Higher Ground Bring Down the 911 System? >>
* Google Voice Access App Lets You Control Your Phone Entirely With Your Voice >>
* The clap trap did ancient stis make humans monogamous >>

* ‘Smart Clothes’ Will Improve And/Or Ruin Your Life >>
* IBM Watson enlists in the war on cancer >>
* Windows 10’s Blue Screen of Death gets QR codes for easier troubleshooting >>

* A company designed an incredible plane concept that could be the future of first class >>
* Solar Panel Turns Raindrops Into Power >>
* Why artificial intelligence is more important than ever and how it will change our lives >>

* An inflatable space habitat is getting attached to the ISS this weekend >>
* Periscope will let you draw on your live streams >>
* Amazon Web Services could crush $10 billion in sales >>

* There will be a bot for everything >>
* Drought in Zambia Cuts Electricity and Cripples Economy >>
* NASA’s space shuttle era took flight 35 years ago >>

* Future of Medicine: How Doctors Boost the Immune System to Fight Cancer [Video] >>
* The Cubic Equation as Poetry >>
* Moore’s Law and the Future of Solid-State Electronics >>

* Hitachi’s newest robot has a beating heart and always gets up after a fall >>
* Bringing Augmented Reality to Real Eyeglasses >>
* Antimatter Starship Scheme Coming to Kickstarter >>

* Space Companies Promise Full Inflatable Space Stations in Orbit by 2020 >>
* Ancient shopping lists may reveal when Bible was written >>
* 3D Printing Is Transforming Manufacturing >>

* NASA EcoAlert: “Earth’s Spin Axis Took a Massive Swing -Drifting Twice as Fast as Before” >>
* Shockingly, Robots Are Really Bad at Waiting Tables >>
* New technique creates precisely sized nanocontainers useful for drug delivery >>

* Maybe VR Shouldn’t Give You Heaven—Maybe You Need Hardship >>
* The Rich Live Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters. >>
* Spacex Falcon 9 Recovered 1st Stage Arrives Back In Port >>

* People interpret the same emoji in completely different ways >>
* 13 stunning designs by Zaha Hadid that are still incomplete >>
* Genetic Superheroes Walk Among Us, But Shhh! No One Can Tell ‘Em >>

* Astronomers Found Evidence for Exoplanets 100 Years Ago and Didn’t Know It >>
* The New Zumwalt Stealth Destroyer Is Too Stealthy >>
* Rey’s Parents Might Not Be as Important as Everyone Thinks >>

* Mounting data suggest antibacterial soaps do more harm than good >>
* The Absurd Primacy of the Automobile in American Life >>
* The Laws Of Cosmology May Need A Re-write >>

* White Graphene Helps Batteries Keep Their Cool in High Temperatures >>
* This $25 Aukey Battery Pack Recharges Itself With a Solar Panel >>
* The Future of Firefox is Chrome >>

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